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    Schooling age in Aus

    I'm sure they just meant starting from year 1 again. They don't skip years except in very exceptional circumstances so year group is dependent on age. As the others have said her contemporaries will have completed pre-primary and probably kindy too. My son finished pp today - they can read, write sentences, know all the basic sight words for spelling, basic maths and science - sounds like your daughter will be at about the same level when they head into year 1. From what I can gather they'll move on to interpreting persuasive text conventions in year 1 (I wish I was joking)
  2. Monkey2645

    Cost of Living in Perth

    C tax - none if you rent water - not had a full bill yet - going to be relatively high tho! (Tho as renters we don't have to pay the rates so it's just usage - partial bill indicates about $30 per month) phone and broadband - $80 with belong. And don't underestimate what a massive pita getting broadband could be depending where you live. Dont know gas yet - just had a bill for $125 covering 2 months leccy contents ins - free through bank (no buildings - rented) car ins don't know yet as still in rental grocery - about $200 per week - adult and 2 children - not being careful at all yet - it will go down nursery fees - paying $72 per day. Prices vary (another option was $92 per day) - and check whether you're eligible for child care benefit/rebate healthcare - $150 ish pm for adult and 2 children - incl hospital cover and extras hope this helps
  3. Monkey2645

    cancellation rights

    Thanks all. When I finally got through on the phone they were actually super nice and didn't argue at all. Now I've just got iinet to deal with (funny how that autocorrected to inept) - had the no ports thing with them and thought they were done and gone including cancelling the phone line and they've just connected me to the Internet (haven't sent a modem though) and are trying to charge me $200 for the privilege lol oh lol
  4. Monkey2645

    cancellation rights

    Its for broadband. I haven't been able to review my t&cs as I still don't actually have broadband to do so and the company I no longer wish to proceed with (due to non existent customer service) has a terrible website too, at least for phone browsing. From what I've been able to google i don't think there is but was hoping someone would know better
  5. Monkey2645

    cancellation rights

    Does anyone know consumer rights as to whether you can cancel a policy before it starts? - in the UK there's a cancellation policy that allows you to cancel usually within 14 days of starting a policy. Cant remember what it's called - maybe change of mind policy. Sorry if that's not very clear typing on phone (grrr broadband)
  6. Monkey2645

    Best Fish & Chips?

    We went to one on foreshore in mandurah - I think it's a cicerellos. Fish was good quality but bland tasting and batter was ok but also bland. Chips were just awful. Oven chips as said above. Plus over 25 bucks for 1 f&c and extra portion chips plus two bottles of pop. On the plus side, the ice cream there is awesome and they have rainbow flavour which sent me right back to my childhood!
  7. Monkey2645

    Mandurah doctor surgery - recommendation

    Thanks guys - really great info. Bit of a novelty to have multiple to choose from that people are happy with
  8. Hi all can anyone recommend a GP in Mandurah (specifically Halls Head but willing to travel for a good one who listens and doesn't rush you - if that's allowed - not sure about catchment rules?) I suppose preferably bulk billing, though I still don't understand it properly thanks
  9. We'd like to come though it will be dependent on the date so will wait to find out. Thanks
  10. Monkey2645

    Time to make new friends

    Cool Mike. Will hopefully have the accommodation sorted within the next couple of days so I'll be in touch
  11. Monkey2645

    Time to make new friends

    We arrived last Sunday and are in mandurah. Still finding our feet but definitely be looking for play dates. Jack 4 and Eva nearly 2. They are both pretty good at playing with older kids too cos of older cousins. Will start messaging once we have a rental sorted
  12. Monkey2645

    Babysitting agency - Mandurah area

    Thanks guys :jiggy:such great support x I love this site
  13. Monkey2645

    Babysitting agency - Mandurah area

    Bless your heart you really are an angel!! Of course the children are perfect at all times - they're practically topsey and Tim . But in reality I operate on a 'keep them alive and everyone's happy' mode of parenting so they're not too bad. Unfortunately the uni doesn't seem to have anything - it's Notre Dame and I think it's pretty small. If you're in mandurah it would be great to meet up anyway - my son is 4 so the kids could have a play date
  14. That's good news the kids passports from Australia House in London are around £125 each as you have to pay extra fees for receiving them internationally (and bear in mind additional costs of getting somewhere to do the application as you can't do it by post - in the uk it is only London - I had to pay around £80 for a train ticket and that was a cheap advance one!)