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  1. Hi We will be coming too! There will be 4 of us - me, husband and 2 children.
  2. Hi I'm interested to chat to you about this and have sent you a pm.
  3. Childs Family

    Bedroom Furniture

    We're looking for bedroom furniture at the moment so might be interested if it's still available? Can you PM me some photos? Thanks.
  4. Childs Family

    Nearly 2 weeks in...update

    After 4 years since starting the visa process we finally arrived in Perth on 1 December and a what a great feeling! We flew with Singapore and had a 6 night stopover there before coming here. We had an amazing time. There was so much to see and do. Our children (9 & 11) loved it and want to go back. Would definitely recommend a visit for anyone considering a stopover en-route. We're staying at a lovely holiday rental in Dawesville but are looking for a long term rental in Seascapes so the children can attend South Halls Head primary. We visited the school last week and we all really liked it. Have heard lots of good things which is encouraging. So far we've sorted bank cards, new phones, bought a car and viewed a few properties. ETA for our container is 17 December so all being well we'll be reunited with our belongings beginning of January. My husband is a dryliner and is looking for work from January so if there are any other dryliners out there who could help with contacts or know of any jobs going it would be great to hear from you. To be sitting here now is quite surreal and it still feels like a holiday at the moment. The children have been amazing and all my worrying about taking them away from family, friends and all that they knew seems an age ago now. The goodbyes were as awful and difficult as we expected them to be but we did it and now we're sitting here feeling very happy that we've made the move. I know it's early days and real life will kick in once the children are at school and we start work but for now we're just enjoying being here and kicking back after the madness and mayhem of the law few months preparing to come over. Good luck to anyone making the move. It's worth all the hours sat at the computer completing forms and paperwork!
  5. Childs Family

    Container coming tomorrow

    Stickers is a good idea. Think I'll do that for kitchen cupboards. I've got plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits ready for them!
  6. Childs Family

    Container coming tomorrow

    Feels a bit surreal but SO exciting to be able to say our container is coming tomorrow! Removal guys will arrive at 7am to start packing followed by the container at midday. Spent all of today (as well as the past few weeks!) getting the house ready. Everything we own has been sorted into 4 categories - container, suitcase, charity or dump! We've got less than 9 hours before the packers arrive and we're still sorting and decluttering but oddly both of us feel quite calm and enjoying a beer while we work!
  7. Childs Family

    Singapore Stopover

    Flights are finally booked! We leave on 24 Nov with Singapore Airlines on Singapore stopover package which includes passes to a number of attractions (zoo, river cruise, adventure land, aquarium & cable car to name but a few but unfortunately Universal Studios not included). Kids very excited - we all can't wait. Just need the house to complete now!
  8. Childs Family

    Halls Head primary schools- help!

    We'll be arriving 1 December. My children are 9 & 10 and will be going into years 5 & 6 when the new term starts next year. When do your children start school? Would be very interested to hear how you get on so do let me know!
  9. Childs Family

    Singapore Stopover

    Hi We're planning a stopover in Singapore for 5 nights en route to Perth in November. Did anyone else do the same and if so any hotel recommendations? Thank you!
  10. Childs Family

    Halls Head primary schools- help!

    What did you decide in the end - SHH or Glencoe? These are the two schools I'm looking at for my children so interested in how you got on. I did feel for you reading your post. I feel the same pressure in making sure I choose the right school. I keep saying if the children are happy then I'll be happy! How old are your children?
  11. Childs Family

    Long term rental

    Thanks for all the replies. Your responses are all encouraging! LoopyLauren - will be interested to hear how you get on. Good luck with it!
  12. Childs Family

    Long term rental

    Just wondered how long it takes to secure a long term rental. Is 2 weeks realistically enough time? We'll have a little over 2 weeks from when we arrive until the schools close for Xmas holidays and would like to find somewhere asap so we've got an address sorted in order to get the children enrolled in school. Looking at Halls Head area. Would be interested to hear how long it took people. Thanks
  13. Childs Family

    Suburbs in Mandurah

    Sounds like you're in a great location! It's good to hear your daughter settled well into school. I hope mine do too (son 10yrs and daughter 9yrs). I'm sure being so close to the beach will help!
  14. Childs Family

    Suburbs in Mandurah

    How long have you lived in Halls Head for? Can I ask what school you teach at? Like every parent finding a good school is really important so I would be grateful for any advice/information you can offer. Out of interest, when do the schools break up for summer? We plan to arrive mid-end November to look at schools and ideally secure places for the children before the summer break so they can start at beginning of new term with everyone else. Not sure if that's realistic or not but that's the plan anyway!
  15. Childs Family

    Suburbs in Mandurah

    Thanks for the replies. We have been looking at various areas such as Halls Head, Seascapes, Madora Bay, Meadow Springs and Dawesville. Have heard that Madora Bay is lovely but there are isn't a primary school there. Have looked at the website http://www.myschool.edu.au to research schools in the above areas but to be honest I'm finding it all quite overwhelming! Would be interested to hear from anyone who lives in these areas or with children at primary schools in these areas. Thanks