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  1. Moving back

    HI folks! We are back in blighty and loving it! Kids are in school and doing well. House is in mid decorating phase. Container approaching red sea so won't be too long once it's gone through the cut. Got a fair bit of gardening to do, but I don't mind cutting green grass! Got 2 nice cars for us, sadly no vw yet, but will get one soon! Planning permission in file pending with council for extension to our house so exciting times ahead. Anyone contemplating the move back, just do it, it's no where near as bad as people like to make out, even in the Midlands! Right got to take kids to nanny's! Enjoy the sunshine, it's raining here for first time in 2 weeks since we got back. Real ale tonight , yum yum yum. Good luck! Tony, Cheryl, Kate and Jessica
  2. Moving back

    Just going to sort uk house out first then see which way I want to roll.... Wished id come to oz when I was in air force, then the box would be ticked already! Cost me a fortune doing it at my age with kids in tow. South America looks fun too! Snowing at home ... Brilliant!
  3. Moving back

    House gone, cars gone, container gone, ship about to dock in Fremantle, cases packed, holiday let vacated, friends house hijacked. Drive to airport at 1830! Not quite chilled out yet, just got to check luggage in then I can relax. Is there a poms in Canada site?
  4. Building Company

    there are loads of companies that do it, new suburbs/estates are popping up everywhere all the time. I would probably spend in an area that was established with reputable schools, road and rail networks. But you would get more land for your money further from city you go. Depends on what you want , a large block with distant views of the city or a postage stamp with views of the ocean.
  5. what are you doing at this moment

    Im looking at hundreds of cardboard box's ! And its more entertaining than Ozzie TV My Boat is on its way to Freo from Melbourne! So it shall set sail from there the day after we arrive in UK. 4 more sleeps
  6. Moving back

    yes Ive been back twice also.... looking forward to this new adventure as much as I did when I cam here
  7. what are you doing at this moment

    im sweating after, clearing garage and packing a few more tools away. Slowly selling stuff off, house getting emptier!
  8. It is going to be crazy hectic

    yes mate, 10pm take off, unless I can get it airborne any sooner
  9. It is going to be crazy hectic

    nice place VS! I can smell the fires in the country pub already! Cant wait to go back next weekend!
  10. Cars.......Pits??..Rego?? etc

    if it has no rego it isn't legal to drive on roads. So you trailer the vehicle away. You would then repair / restore it and take it to an approved garage to 'go over the pits' they would issue a cert saying its roadworthy ( or not) and then you take the cert to Dept of Transport and get it licensed ( rego'd). Yellow stickers are, as I believe, to be just like you say, needs to be repaired, approved by engineer. Be careful buying un rego'd cars, as here unlike UK, they wont have a list of things wrong with the vehicle ( in Uk you get failure notice). So seller could tell you it just needs brakes adjusting and when you take it over pits....could be rotten/ twisted / 3 cars in sure you get the picture.
  11. what are you doing at this moment

    finally finished work! Few more things to sell then wait for removal people to come! Can't wait, life's to short to stay in one place!
  12. It is going to be crazy hectic

    You flying emirates on 5th vs?
  13. Aerospace

    Depending what you do within aerospace sector the major airlines are Qantas, virgin, alliance, skippers and Cobham. Also a company called andi carry out ndt testing and other aircraft component maintenance. Google will be your friend for contact info.
  14. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    it will be up and down a bit in the next few months, we will have to get ours back in next week or so, so won t make too much out of it. However when I do my tax return in June things might be a bit more interesting then!
  15. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    yay! its great for people going back to UK! oh, that's me isn't it? Good News at last, luving it! Watching that graph line plummet