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    Does anyone live in Bunbury or it's surrounds as far down as Busselton but not much further up than Mandurah? Family of 5 with 3 children aged 11, 8 and 6 in private school. Thanks
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    Perth Schools - Primary through to year 12?

    Thanks Scot01, that answers my questions fully and explains why my searching had not unearthed any!
  3. Please can you help me? Are there any/many State or Private (not Catholic) schools that go from primary through to year 12, preferably co-ed too? We are hoping to move to Perth in the UK summer of 2016. We have 3 children. Our eldest girl is 9 and would join year 5 in the UK in Sept2016. Middle girl will be 6 and due to join year 2 in Sept2016. Our youngest, a boy will be 4, almost 5 and due to start in reception - the first year of school in the UK in Sept2016. I know in NSW the ages and school years coincide with the UK but I am unsure of the WA situation. There does not appear to be the breadth of choice as there is in Sydney, though this is the same between many major cities. I have only just started investigating Perth schools. Our moving plans have changed from Sydney to Perth because hubby will need to travel a great deal to Asia so it makes sense. We swung by Perth last summer to activate our visas - a 2 day flying visit! I know a little of Perth of old having lived in Cottesloe for 8 months in 2002 - but it is a different city now - places and suburbs that were desert when I was living there! We are flexible of location and have a healthy budget for renting/buying so schools really are the focus at the moment. Any pointers gratefully received. Thank you