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  1. wright4oz

    Anyone shipped a tent?

    Another quick question - does anyone know if the electric hook up points are the same?
  2. wright4oz

    Anyone shipped a tent?

    Thanks everyone, thats reassuring, I'm busy with the jeyes fluid!
  3. wright4oz

    Anyone shipped a tent?

    Anyone had to have their tent destroyed or cleaned by aquis?
  4. wright4oz

    Anyone shipped a tent?

    We are wanting to bring our tent and camping gear and understand that it has to be spotless. I was just wondering if anyone has had any problems bringing over a tent? How clean is clean? Are they generally ok as long as there is no visible dirt on? Any experiences much appreciated.
  5. wright4oz

    how much rent could I afford?

    Wow $460 for 5 bed house, that sounds great! We are initially staying in connolly but will have a look at areas when we arrive. We have never been before so don't have a clue. I will be working in subiaco and ideally don't want to be more than half hour away. We were just looking at NOR as thats what seems to be advised if you're working on that side. I suppose we can only tell when we get there.
  6. wright4oz

    how much rent could I afford?

    Thanks for the tips. You can never tell how long it will take to get a job thats why I'm trying to budget with one wage - anything else will be a bonus (or essential!). Hope your hubby finds work soon. Did you arrive in Perth 6 weeks ago then? We're arriving in July.
  7. wright4oz

    how much rent could I afford?

    Thanks for the reply. We don't live an extravagant lifestyle and kids are a bit older so don't need childcare costs either. Obviously the cheaper the rent, the better, $400 pw would be great but the houses I've seen on the website seem to be around $600. My husband will be looking for work as soon as we arrive so we will have a second income but wanted to check if we could afford that sort of rent until he does.
  8. Would like 4 bed house in NOR suburbs, from looking at real estate websites these seem to average $600 pw. Is this a realistic/affordable option for an initial salary of $73000 (unsocial hours will be added) until OH finds work for a family of 4? I am aware that lifestyle would affect this but just based on usual utility bills, running of 1 car. Does anybody manage on this? Thanks
  9. wright4oz

    hubby has left for Perth

    I'm sure the next 4 weeks will fly by and you'll be reunited before you know it.
  10. wright4oz

    Rugby union in Perth

    We are in Connolly for the 1st 6wks when we arrive, then we hope to be NOR about 20-30min from Perth but we hav'nt got a house to rent yet so we could end up anywhere, I've looked at your clubs website and it looks a great club with a lovely backdrop of the river. Thanks clark66
  11. wright4oz

    Rugby union in Perth

    Hi Perth Poms Is there any rugby union teams in Perth looking for new players my OH 38yrs and my son 17yrs would love to join a club when we arrive in July, and my OH plays golf so it looks like I wont be seeing much of him when we get to Perth haha.
  12. wright4oz

    Where are all the geordies?

    We'll be in connolly in july, not to far from the kangaroo arms
  13. wright4oz

    Coming soon - scary!

    oooh we are also flying on 9th july, (with emirates from newcastle) same flight? On the job front it probably won't harm in looking and/or applying, especially as you can tell them a date when you're arriving, or set up a date for a meeting. Good luck
  14. wright4oz

    Nurses Registration Help!!

    Mine was ony 24 hours but I was expecting a long wait as they said it could be a while and to be patient. Good luck