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  1. elfie

    VOTING - anyone a Citizen and voting?

    long time since ive been on here yes i voted for the first time what a carry on it was
  2. elfie

    Picnic/bbq areas - where do you go?

    Cant beat rocky foreshore loads of bbqs there play areas if you have children..... Hence we dont go there
  3. elfie

    Picnic/bbq areas - where do you go?

    Avalon beach just passed wannanup on the coast rd over looking the dog beach. Just 1 bbq never anyone there ... Bliss
  4. elfie

    Taxes on UK Rental

    Just make a small loss each year put it down as repairs/maintainence ......
  5. elfie

    Secret Harbour schooling

    Your welcome
  6. elfie

    Secret Harbour schooling

    . Try and google Mandurah Mail Telegraph and The Courier. They are the local free newspapers. Also theres a Rockingham crime report facebook page also think theres one for Mandurah .... We lived in the "golf course island " in SH one if the better parts moved 2 years ago. I had people jumping garden wall and using it as a short cut through golf course to other side. Razor wire didnt stop it but when we got rottweiler it did.
  7. elfie

    Secret Harbour schooling

    Are you sure about SH ? In the last month 2 separate shootings, sexual assault 30 yr old female 6.10pm indecent assault day time on a 10 yr old. Big drug problem reported in local paper in the high school...... Its not the golden suburb its portrayed to be .... This is fact been on local tv news stations and papers
  8. elfie

    underwear :-)

    Myres have a pretty good range stock well known brands. Prices vary. I usually wait for sales. Larger ladies always pay more here and in the UK
  9. elfie

    Treating a wicker chair

    Guys the worry i had. Stuck in UK for 3 months John already here. I had anxiety over the dead dog missing in transit. He followed me every where. Amy way hes an illegal immigrant and he resides in the wardrobe lolol.....
  10. elfie

    Treating a wicker chair

    Long funny story. We decided not to risk fetching our old dogs ashes and were leaving them with our in laws. Well day 1 of packing dogs ashes left in urn in a box on window sill in lounge. Movers left to come back next day. Left me a chair the tv my bed all kitchen items. Well id had new carpets laid upstairs took a bit of carpet gripper to the bin Bang CRACK i fall break my bloody leg my leg. Dramas stuck outside i bum shuffle to doorstep. Guy turns up as he was buying dog kennel. He gets kennel .... By now im in pain he goes gets cushions off sofa to make me comfy rings my sister comes back kneels down asks im how i am. BANG i faint wake up in his arms :: Embarressed:: He rings ambulance sister turns up...... Turns out hes a policeman. Any way next day movers come finish packing my FIL supervises. I ring him in eve have you got Rowly safe no he says thought you had him. Oh my lord hid this for 4 months from hubby. Our container arrived me dreading this as some items were binned as would not pay extotionate fee for treatment. Thinking Rowlys burnt for second time. Johns un packing a box .... Yea he found Rowly ?????? He got through phewwww .... Hes now back where he belongs in the wardrobe as he,always slept in the bedroom with us ....
  11. elfie

    like button

    Admins where has the like button gone? Has its visa been revoked or is it on holiday
  12. elfie

    457 Visas Stopped

    We came on a 457 in 2012. Hubby arrived first golden promises from employer did not materialise threat of redundancy loomed after 3 months. Very distressing time. We plodded on. Realised that with Johns age after the 2 years gaining PR would be zilch ---- lodgement of visa has to be done prior to turning 50. In all fairness the company when informed put hubby forward for PR after 8 months PR after 16 months we only ever paid for medicals xray and police checks and our container. Rule of thumb we shouldnt be here I think we are an exception to the rule sobto speak. Luckily we still are for now. We never intend to spend the rest of our lives here. Citizen ceremony in 3 weeks. I will always remain Welsh with duel nationality I will never be Australian I was born in Wales. If you become a citizen and want to be referred to as Australian thats your choice but you really wont be. ..... 457 should be named the heartbreak visa
  13. elfie

    Citizenship Changes Take Immediate Effect

    3 month wait is not that long to make sure your 100% correct is it?
  14. elfie


    Here here. Getting rid or drasticallyreducing one species will have an adverse ecological effect
  15. elfie

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Is she feeling confident or will it come back to bite her bum like britex