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    Are you moving to Perth in 2016

    Will definitely be back some time this year - mid to late 2016! Both kids got citizenship and Aussie passports and I am Australian so can come out at any time once the house is sold! Hubby waiting for visa but he may come back and forward if needs be and we have to move quicker than him. Cannot wait to come home!!!
  2. Eves

    Im really trying....

    Does anyone know how long it takes to grant the 309/100 - Spousal Visa from the UK? I'm an Aussie girl married to a British guy and both kids have Australian Citizenship by descent so it's just my hubbie that needs the permanent spousal visa. I was told 10 months.....
  3. I am happy to look at everything. Although we have done Catholic in the past, I wouldn't rule any other faiths out. Suggest away!
  4. Thanks for your reply! I know Rossmoyne was amazing when I lived in Perth but it's catchment restricted and although school tables and academic results are important they are not my primary focus....there is an amazing grammar school near us in Cranbrook which I imagine to be like Rossmoyne. Will definitely look at All Saints thanks for suggestion!
  5. We've decided to make the move....deep breath.....very exciting and scary but I'm a Perth girl at heart and it's time to come home!! So, although I was raised in Perth the school system has changed so much since 1995 and I need advice on private primary/secondary schools south of the river. Ideally I'd like to feed into a high school but not essential. My 7 and 5 year olds are currently in a Sussex Prep school and doing well but I'm not all about academics or all about sport. I'd like a good healthy balance = worksheets then running around in the fresh air! We've been at an 11+ school but personally that's not for us. Pastoral care/buddy system very important! Any experiences or thoughts welcome. I'm flying out in March to look at some over the space of a week then flying back. School is key for us, we want our happy kids to try and stay as happy as possible :-)
  6. Eves

    Homesick for Perth but living in the UK

    Thanks for your advice re: Citizenship. The buddy system sounds great and I agree my children would probably love to have their teenage years somewhere a bit more buzzy than rural Sussex....I do worry that they will be bored here when they are slightly older.
  7. Eves

    Homesick for Perth but living in the UK

    Thanks so much for your honesty - I feel like I know exactly what you are saying about John Lewis, Coffee mornings, reconnecting with old friends, big coats....catholic primary etc etc!! I just feel like I am at a turning point in my life where it is now or never while I still have little kids and we can make friends through school.....but I know it isn't going to be easy even though I am from Perth originally. I think we are on the verge of deciding to make the move, my husband is very keen especially as we get older and see things differently. I will miss my UK friends very much, but I think we are ready to give it all up, take a deep breath and start again. It feels like all the signs are pointing towards us moving. I'm interested in what you said about your kids going to a Catholic primary - that would be the route I would be looking to go down too so it is interesting you saying that it has worked out so well for you. Have you found the other Aussie mums quite welcoming, especially with you being from Perth originally?
  8. Eves

    Sea Fishing/Beach casting

    We went beach fishing in Margaret River while we were over for Xmas - Quindalup Bay boat ramp - we were the only ones there and there were loads of fish. My kids caught 4 between them and they were very happy. A nice little spot.
  9. Eves

    Homesick for Perth but living in the UK

    thanks so much for your reply. I really feel very emotional about this all now because I can't understand why we have almost trapped ourselves here and haven't moved back to Perth when we had the chance and weren't so locked in. You are right life is short and I feel like we are at a cross roads....and I'm running out of time. The flight from Perth to Singapore was very hard!!! Perth life is amazing.
  10. Eves

    Homesick for Perth but living in the UK

    Thanks Laz, what a positive response! How are your boys getting on at school, have they been accepted by the others? Sounds like you have found a good school. How did you feel personally moving back after 10 years? I have been in the UK nearly 16 years and have loved being part of British culture.....but I'm probably somewhere between British and Australian now, so in reality I would be starting again too making new friends and networking. Did you pick up where you left off with your Perth friendships? Did that help?
  11. Hi all, I'm a Perth girl currently living in the UK with my hubby and kiddies. We came out for a holiday over xmas for 3 weeks and had an amazing time.....my husband relaxed, soaked up the sun and my kids loved spending time with their grandparents and uncle. They are 5 and 7 and it is so much easier to fly back and forth now they are out of nappies/formula/push chair - we have been back and forth quite a few times since they were born but this time was so enjoyable and magical. It made both myself and my husband wonder what the hell we are doing living just outside London and feeling like we are up against it every day......we've since had conversations about selling up and moving back to Perth and my husband opening an Australasia office of his company....all possible. Problem is, I feel perhaps my kids are a bit too old now to fit in with the Aussie kids and their way of life. Perhaps I've left it too late.....they have a great little set of friends and go to a very good school over here that we do pay for. I worry that if we moved them to an Aussie primary that they would be completely out of their depth and struggle to make friends. They don't have the same beach/aussie rules upbringing that I did when I grew up in Perth, so I know what it is like. All I want is for them to be happy and feel like they belong and I'm terrified I would put them on the back foot. Does anyone have a similar experience bad or good? My hubby would leave the UK in a second if he could, he loves Australia, Perth in particular, my parents and the lifestyle. We both fell back in love with Perth this trip I think, because the kids are that much older we could enjoy ourselves more. Not sure what to do!!