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  1. Hi I am working for a Sydney based based company, who are seeking various people for sales roles, HR consultant rols, and WHS consultant roles, in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Contact me if your seeking a new role here in Oz. PR needed
  2. Steely

    Moving Boxes Wanted

    After 2 rentals we have taken the plunge and move into our new Aussie home in Feb! Does anyone have any packing boxes please? TIA Steely
  3. Steely

    First Time Buyers in Oz

    Well with the amount of replies I got, lucky I found an excellent home loan broker. Absolute 5 star service, and new home purchased, with minimum fuss
  4. Hi all Been a while since I last posted, as the 18 months since we moved here has just gone so quickly. However as we now have (we think) our feet firmly on the ground, we have decided to start looking for our own home, having rented since we got here. So any lenders to avoid/recommend please? Not looking to build a new home, so given we are told its a buyers market, due to the property market being sluggish, any suggested strategies when we finally make an offer? Looking SOR, currently live in Baldivis, and not adverse to staying here or close to here, if you know of any good 4x2 homes. close to the water as possible TIA Steely
  5. Hi Geoff, Still on the forum, mainly reading these days, but saw this come through. its hard to take in we have been out here 16 months already, and loving every second of it! i got a job within days, lots of Australian travel included, which for a newbie is brilliant too! Karen wasn't so lucky and still isn't working, but to be honest, we don't need her income to survive right now. Age and being overqualified are the main reasons for not getting a position. work life balance is superb, so much to see and do. steely
  6. Steely

    what are you doing at this moment

    Hi Rossy, things are going great, hence why not been on much, busy busy but loving it here, how about you? Unfortunately we already have plans this weekend, so we wont be at this meet up.
  7. Steely

    what are you doing at this moment

    Sitting at home in Connolly, chilling out, and realised it's 10 months to the day, we arrived in Oz Where did that time go?
  8. Steely

    U.K. Based agents

    We used GoMatilda, UK based MARA agent, brilliant for us @Alan Collett is on the site
  9. Steely

    estate agents

    Our experience says it isn't you! And for us even though we now have a rental property, we have already learned not to hold our breath if we need to speak to them. We have found that the best course of action is to drive to their offices!!
  10. Steely

    So….week 3 !

    Great update, if you fancy meeting up let us know, we are down the road in Connolly (Well I think we are down the road!!)
  11. Steely

    10 Days in......Boom!!! Busy busy

    Hi @pegg, went with the diesel Ti, not new but in cracking condition. And as you say loving the winter days here.
  12. Steely

    what are you doing at this moment

    Settling into our new home, in Connolly, watching the bank account take a good hiding as Karen buys new stuff to make it very homely!
  13. After 10 days in Perth we have secured a rental, and move in on Wednesday, purchased a small run about car, purchased a Nissan Pathfinder, bought new furniture, new white goods, ordered new phones & broadband, been asked to leave a beach in Scarborough, as we were walking our sons dog, on the wrong beach! yep been busy!