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  1. aussiebird2012

    Documents/evidence for Partner Visa

    Ive just been told by a Migration Agent that because me and my husband have been together a long time, 24 years and married for 17 years, he only needs to provide evidence of our continuing relationship of the last 3 years for another Partner Visa........he has previously had a partner visa......migration agent thinks that he doesnt really have substantial ties to Australia for a RRV, other than myself (Australian Citizen) and our children (27,29 and 14) who are citizens by descent through me, although eldest 2 live in the UK but not with us, we dont own or rent property there, have job offer etc (as we are currently living in the UK!)the agent said we have also been out of Australia coming up 5 years so has suggested a partner visa would probably be more successful. Has anyone heard that he only needs to provide the last 3 years of evidence together? I haven't heard or read that anywhere and yet another agent has said that can't see that a 1 year RRV would not be granted! WHO DO WE BELIEVE NOW!!!!!! Would have thought all Migration Agents have the same knowledge!!
  2. aussiebird2012


    Hello, Just curious to know what cost a 20ft container from UK to Australia is on average these days? Thanks kindly. X
  3. aussiebird2012


    Hi, Thanks for your reply. We just really miss the life style of Australia and very much want to move back. My mum would visit but not my dad, he wouldnt be able to stand such a long journey. My husbands parents have never flown and never will, so he will visit UK once a year, like he did before.
  4. aussiebird2012


    Hello to you all, Just a quick question for those who moved back to UK and now want to go back to Australia permanently? How was your family affected by your decision to go back second time? We are in this predicament at the moment, O/H has told his parents now, im due to tell mine tomorrow. Our parents ages are 73 and 79. Both are as healthy as they can be at this age. My parents rent an apartment and have everything close by. They live 15 minutes away. My husbands parents live in the next road to us in their own home. Has anyone delayed going because of elderly parents and the guilt? Just interested to know how you dealt with the emotions etc..... Xx
  5. aussiebird2012

    Documents/evidence for Partner Visa

    Yes I'm starting to slow down a bit, I was getting in a bit of a state. We have been together 24 years and married for 17 years this July however I don't have photos that I can find when we first got together.
  6. aussiebird2012

    Documents/evidence for Partner Visa

    That's what I am thinking, they must have details of his first one, so they may compare and see that we are still a genuine couple. I'm starting to gather all I need gradually to destress, so I don't need to approach him unless I'm really stuck. He has been going through emails for me for evidence of all our holidays so he's helping that way and I'm asking him questions as I go along. He told his parents yesterday and he's a bit quiet at the moment. Hope that's not a bad sign!! I'm just taking things steady to avoid a proper melt down with the application process.
  7. aussiebird2012

    Documents/evidence for Partner Visa

    From what I can remember (and they all had to be certified colour copies) as it was a paper application; Birth/marriage certs Change of name cert Family citizenship certs Passports Utility bills Bank/building society bills Mortgage statements Personal statement friends/family in oz and UK I don't think any photos back then if I can remember. Is there a limit to how many documents/Photos can be uploaded? I'm just gathering evidence now in the form of emails from holidays over the years. Not done the statements yet. My head is absolutely spinning!!
  8. Hello, Can anyone please give some examples of what they uploaded in support of there Partner Visa VIsa application? Was it things like utility bills, photos, emails, passports, birth and marriage certificates...... What about proof of holidays in the form of emails if you dont have the plane tickets/boarding passes etc.... can emails be uploaded? Do the statements from myself and O/H have to be hand written then scanned and uploaded and the ones from friends, family etc the same? This is so complex, need to get it right. I really would appreciate any help, thank you so much. Xx
  9. aussiebird2012


    Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it.
  10. Hi all, I am going through the application online and I am stuck with how to answer 2 questions on page 18 and wondered if anyone can help please? "Is this applicant related to the sponsor by blood, marriage or adoption" We are married to each other, so is this a "yes" ? "Have the applicant and the sponsor met in person" ??? We are married!! It's a stupid question in my opinion!! Thanks in advance.
  11. aussiebird2012

    2nd Partner Visa 309/100 application

    Hi, yes I have heard of that too.
  12. Hello, Has anyone ever applied for a 2nd above visa and had it granted? Just keeping options open. Xx
  13. aussiebird2012

    Losing permanent residency?

    Hi, thank you for your message. It is understood from an agent that my O/H will now be a former permanent resident because he went back to Australia on a visitor visa instead of applying for a RRV, so that cancels any substantive visa/permanent resident status. It may be that he can get another RRV as the agent says but as we cant go back to Australia until end of 2020 (sons GCSE exams 2020) anyway so no point in applying for one now as it will be too soon. It may well be that he will apply for another Partner Visa so he can get 5 years and work towards his citizenship. .
  14. aussiebird2012

    Visa system a joke

    Hi, been reading your comments, what was the outcome in the end with both visas? Interesting facts and to be mindful of.
  15. aussiebird2012

    Losing permanent residency?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and would like some advice please? If a former resident who is outside Australia goes back to Australia and they entered the country on a visitor visa because the travel part of a partner visa expired and they weren't aware of a resident return visa at the time, will they lose there permanent residency status? Is there a chance of being granted a 3 month RRV as wanting to move back to Australia or would another partner visa have to be applied for. Previous partner visa expired in 2016 and we have been back in UK since May 2014. Hoping to move back to Australia permanently at the of 2020. I would be grateful of any advice, thank you so much. Xxx