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  1. aussiebird2012

    Finally its time... We are moving back to Perth

    Hi, Are you planning on coming back to Australia in the near future?
  2. aussiebird2012

    Evidence of purchases

    Thank you very much, I appreciate that so much! I have been very thorough as to me they want to see evidence that we are living together and buying things for our home that we share etc.....so we keep receipts for purchases such as our new sofa invoice, new cooker and dishwasher etc...as you say it should be evidence under household/commitment.....
  3. aussiebird2012

    Evidence of purchases

    Just a quick question, Should any invoices for purchases of furniture, appliances etc be included as evidence for financial/household even if they are not in both names? The invoices are only in my o/h name. Thanks in advance xx
  4. aussiebird2012


    Hello to you all, Can anyone who has recently submitted a Partner Visa application please tell me what the size of photos and documents should be please before uploading? We are almost ready to submitt application. If they were too big would they not upload? Any help would be so much appreciated, thank you. Xx
  5. aussiebird2012


    Thank you for the replies. X
  6. aussiebird2012

    FORM 888

    Just a quick question, Can this form be completed by a person living in the UK that is NOT an Australian Citizen? A family member has completed one and they are living in Australia and are Australian citizens and have had there certificates and passports certified. Thanks in advance.
  7. aussiebird2012


    Hi Ali, Yes I have a British passport. I too have checked that website and I think I got British citizenship automatically when I was born to my British parents.
  8. aussiebird2012


    Hello, I wonder if anyone can advise please: There is a question on this form which asks if nationality/citizenship of another country other than Australia? My English parents left Australia in November 1981 to move back to UK with my 2 brothers (who are English) and myself (born in Australia) but I have no idea how or if I became a British Citizen when we left Australia and arrived in the UK, or if I obtained it by descent from my parents? The form is asking for dates and how aquired but I have no idea? Has anyone been in this situation and can you help me please? Thank you in advance. Xx
  9. aussiebird2012

    History of relationship for Partner Visa

    Thanks for the replies. Xx
  10. Hello to you all, As this will be my husband's 2nd Partner Visa, does anyone know for sure if a case officer would want our relationship history of us being together over a 24 year period? (Married for 17 years). I have done a draught personal statement of which is 5 pages, I have started it from when we first met, through to living together, marriage, our house purchases, christening of our son, holidays, our time when we previously lived in Australia with dates etc etc..... we have been together a long time and i cannot remember everything we have done for all those years, or have evidence year after year, maybe photos but there would be no dates probably because they would have been printed from a camera roll. I may remember certain things through events etc etc.... We have utility bills etc....but not going back to 24 years ago!! Surely this would not be required! I have been briefly told by a Senior Migration Agent in Australia my husband would only need to provide the last 3 years of evidence of being together, but surely a case officer would need to see wedding photos, christening photos etc of many years ago? We are close to putting everything together then starting the application so any accurate advice would be a great help. Thanking you in advance. Xx
  11. Could anyone that has completed the Partner Visa application recently, please give an example of how you started writing all the evidence in each section of the "4 pillars"? ie: relationship, financial, commitment etc...... I'm struggling with the best way to do it. I want to get it right. Thanks so much.
  12. aussiebird2012

    Documents/evidence for Partner Visa

    Ive just been told by a Migration Agent that because me and my husband have been together a long time, 24 years and married for 17 years, he only needs to provide evidence of our continuing relationship of the last 3 years for another Partner Visa........he has previously had a partner visa......migration agent thinks that he doesnt really have substantial ties to Australia for a RRV, other than myself (Australian Citizen) and our children (27,29 and 14) who are citizens by descent through me, although eldest 2 live in the UK but not with us, we dont own or rent property there, have job offer etc (as we are currently living in the UK!)the agent said we have also been out of Australia coming up 5 years so has suggested a partner visa would probably be more successful. Has anyone heard that he only needs to provide the last 3 years of evidence together? I haven't heard or read that anywhere and yet another agent has said that can't see that a 1 year RRV would not be granted! WHO DO WE BELIEVE NOW!!!!!! Would have thought all Migration Agents have the same knowledge!!
  13. aussiebird2012


    Hello, Just curious to know what cost a 20ft container from UK to Australia is on average these days? Thanks kindly. X
  14. aussiebird2012


    Hi, Thanks for your reply. We just really miss the life style of Australia and very much want to move back. My mum would visit but not my dad, he wouldnt be able to stand such a long journey. My husbands parents have never flown and never will, so he will visit UK once a year, like he did before.
  15. aussiebird2012


    Hello to you all, Just a quick question for those who moved back to UK and now want to go back to Australia permanently? How was your family affected by your decision to go back second time? We are in this predicament at the moment, O/H has told his parents now, im due to tell mine tomorrow. Our parents ages are 73 and 79. Both are as healthy as they can be at this age. My parents rent an apartment and have everything close by. They live 15 minutes away. My husbands parents live in the next road to us in their own home. Has anyone delayed going because of elderly parents and the guilt? Just interested to know how you dealt with the emotions etc..... Xx