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  1. Hi There! Try Fircroft or NES: https://www.fircroft.com/au https://www.nesgt.com/regions/australasia However, I got reply from NES that they are looking for WA residents so it is more difficult to find job while overseas. Verystormy is right writing that you have to arrive first and then look for job. Good luck
  2. hi Hogman! How are you doing? Hope you found job as I read that market is moving slowly. I work in O&G in UK at the moment and patiently waiting for market improvement. Fingers crossed ! Good luck
  3. Hi, I have 9 plus years of no claim discount in my car insurance in UK and was thinking if this will be considered in Australia. Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you.
  4. Slawka

    Failed ielts twice. What next

    Congrats !!!
  5. Slawka

    what are you doing at this moment

    Sitting at work in UK and wondering when job market improve ... Wish all great day !
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    Well done and good luck !!!
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    One year update!

    I am Electrical Design Engineer in Oil and Gas. I lived and worked in Perth for two years so have even some contacts. However it didn't help so far. You Jen78 are 100% right at some point we will move as I know it is more difficult to secure job if we are offshore. I must write that with 3 year old twin Girls I feel more responsible, especially that I have good job in UK at the moment. Tough decisions !!!! but I am not the only one. I am so glad your husband got job !!!
  8. Slawka

    One year update!

    Great post. We have put on hold our move only because of current job market. Two years ago I thought we will be in Pert now but now I hope we will be able to move maybe next year. Everything depend on situation. For us Perth give everything we need for our family, so can't wait. Wish you all the best
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    Hi All, We got our grants 1,5 year ago, we almost sold our house but after hours of discussion we decided to hold our move. Well, I guess all are aware about tough situation on the job market in Perth at the moment. Especially in engineering. This is a reason why we still didn't move. We have two little twin girls and I don't want to risk too much. It is not perfect situation, I feel like in limbo. I have small hope that this year will be better and we finally will be able to relocate early next year. Gosh, I miss Perth so much, we spent great two years there.
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    Moving to Perth in the New Year

    Hi, Life without car is difficult but possible. We lived in Perth for two years and we didn't have car. We used bikes which was excellent. However, whenever we wanted to travel to Kalbari, Margaret River or other places we simply rented car and it wasn't so expensive. Regarding shopping, well we lived in CBD and it wasn't so bad to bring groceries to home from Woolworths. Now there is also Coles in CBD. In your case with two kids car would be more comfortable