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  1. Slawka

    Diagnostic started in UK prior arrival

    Doctors in Oxford hospital completed all test and diagnostic!! My little Girl is ok Happy me, now can concentrate on the move Crazy time
  2. We would like to move to Carine. Hopefully will be able to find house in Carine Primary School catchment area. Second choice would be Duncraig. Thank you for good luck wishes
  3. Thank you I was in touch with school in Carine and they enrol kids only from catchment so it will takes a little bit for us to organise things. I have to write that Girls will be happy as for them it will be like holiday lol. Do you know if I need "permanent" address to buy a car? We probably will buy car first as it may be easier then finding new home. Also can I apply for Australian driving license later? Gosh lots of things are in my mind, so sorry if I sound chaotic
  4. After few years we finally heading to Perth House is sold, fly tickets booked, temporary accommodation booked, shipping company booked. Crazy time our last few weeks in the UK are very intense, very emotional, however we look ahead and can't wait to settle. I've tried to organise school but unfortunately I need proof of address in catchment area. Renting house remotely is not easy as well so it looks like we will be very busy after arrival.
  5. Slawka

    Diagnostic started in UK prior arrival

    Thank you JaseandAnne for valuable information. I hope your wife is much better now and I recognised you as I read your post about your situation some time ago. We for sure are going to buy insurance to have peace of mind and to cover mentioned by you extracts such as ambulance, dental etc. I was a little bit worried about gap payments as read some people end up with huge invoices. Funny is statement that UK GP had to think you are dying to do tests and diagnostic as we are trying to figure out what is going on with Bella since June last year. Probably in Oz we would already know. I am so excited and scared at the same time...
  6. Hi All, We are due to arrive to Perth in May with our 5 year old twin Girls. One of them has been complaining for tummy ache since June last year. We have had number of tests and GP visits and now waiting for paediatric gastroenterology consultation in Oxford clinic which will be on 24th of April. I don't know what they will say. I am worry that if any extra tests or scans will be required we may not be able to attend as we are going to move in May. I am not sure how it will be when we will arrive. Will we have continuation of diagnostic in Perth after registration with Medicare? Also we are going to buy private insurance as well. I would appreciate any comments and advises. Thank you PS: We have permanent residency visas.
  7. Slawka

    Two months in... Nearly!

    Thank you so much for your post. It is very encouraging! We have just put our house on the market and we will move soon after completion. Similar we had our visa granted few years ago but have been waiting for better market. Keep fingers crossed for smooth preparation,move and start. Enjoy your day !!!
  8. Hi There! Try Fircroft or NES: https://www.fircroft.com/au https://www.nesgt.com/regions/australasia However, I got reply from NES that they are looking for WA residents so it is more difficult to find job while overseas. Verystormy is right writing that you have to arrive first and then look for job. Good luck
  9. hi Hogman! How are you doing? Hope you found job as I read that market is moving slowly. I work in O&G in UK at the moment and patiently waiting for market improvement. Fingers crossed ! Good luck
  10. Hi, I have 9 plus years of no claim discount in my car insurance in UK and was thinking if this will be considered in Australia. Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you.
  11. Slawka

    Failed ielts twice. What next

    Congrats !!!
  12. Slawka

    what are you doing at this moment

    Sitting at work in UK and wondering when job market improve ... Wish all great day !
  13. Slawka


    Well done and good luck !!!
  14. Slawka

    One year update!

    I am Electrical Design Engineer in Oil and Gas. I lived and worked in Perth for two years so have even some contacts. However it didn't help so far. You Jen78 are 100% right at some point we will move as I know it is more difficult to secure job if we are offshore. I must write that with 3 year old twin Girls I feel more responsible, especially that I have good job in UK at the moment. Tough decisions !!!! but I am not the only one. I am so glad your husband got job !!!
  15. Slawka

    One year update!

    Great post. We have put on hold our move only because of current job market. Two years ago I thought we will be in Pert now but now I hope we will be able to move maybe next year. Everything depend on situation. For us Perth give everything we need for our family, so can't wait. Wish you all the best