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  1. spangley

    New Kids YouTube channel - Streaming from Perth

    Thanks for your advice FOL. At the moment it's a hobby, and an opportunity for our daughter to share her passion. She's always dreamt of having her own YouTube channel.
  2. Hi all, I'd like to introduce you to my daughter's new YouTube channel for kids. We're new to Perth, and based in the Northern suburbs. We're hoping the channel will entertain and educate kids as well as us showcasing our new life in Perth from Amelie's perspective. Here's the link Amélie - Crafts and Fashion If you like it, please give it a thumbs up/subscribe and share. Also any constructive feedback would be appreciated. More content will appear over the coming weeks. Best Regards James
  3. spangley

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Hi John, I'm a Pom but am coming to Perth via Switzerland. Do you have any observations regarding the Swiss Franc and AUD?
  4. spangley

    Importing a car

    I might be able to come into possession of a Right Hand Drive 2003 VW Golf for free. We leave Switzerland for Perth in December and I'm checking whether it would fit into our container. The question is, would a it be worth our while? We wouldn't have owned it for the "12 months" the Aussie authorities ask for, however the transaction would be free with the current owners, so how could they levy duties etc? Would like to know people's thoughts on whether it's worthwhile pursuing or not. Many thanks.
  5. spangley

    Emigrating in January

    Hi, we are also moving to Perth in January....hopefully somewhere close to Joondalup. We're using a company called Relocately who are based in Berlin. We've opted with them, they seem to be very switched on and competitive on price as well as the insurance costs. They also have excellent reviews. Fingers crossed they deliver our stuff without a hitch.
  6. I've been skulking and occasionally contributing on the PomzInOz forums for quite a few years. However, after three years since we were issued our golden ticket (189 Visa) we're getting the ball in motion. We accepted an offer on our house in Switzerland last week, and are working to moving down under for the beginning of November. This means gets real....and I've got to start committing. I would appreciate any recommendations or feedback on the following: Removal companies. We need a 40 ft container for all of our stuff. Australian bank to register with. A dependable and good value bank. Branches aren't so important, but a good Internet service is paramount. I also want to open a business bank account. Recommendations of areas in the Northern Suburbs......Hillarys area has quite taken our fancy. Recommendations of Primary schools in the Northern Suburbs. Advice on any business networking and chamber events. Recommendations on temporary accommodation whilst we decide on where to buy a house. Advice on where to find house renovation projects. Foreclosure (reposession) auctions would be of interest to us. Okay I won't post too much now....much more to come.
  7. spangley

    Economy in WA

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum. Myself and my family are 189 Visa holders, which we've held for 3 years. We're still living in Switzerland at the moment but plan to get "down under" before it expires after 5 years. Having spent the past three years researching Australia, as well as making a reccie visit to Melbourne my wife and I have settled on Perth. It seems to tick all the boxes such as climate, cleanliness, beaches, property prices, proximity to Europe and Asia etc. The only hesitation we have is the economic situation in WA. Are things as bad as some people describe? Is Perth a city in decline? Or is just picking itself up after the economic headwinds of recent years? Do people feel confident in the future of Perth? Once we arrive in the next couple of years, I plan to start up an IT Services company for local businesses. Is this a sector that's saturated, or do people feel that there's a demand for such services? So many questions, so few answers (yet) Thanks for reading, and I look forward to any feedback. Kind Regards James