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    Holden Zafira 7 seat for sale

    Hi. Sorry it is now sold
  2. 2004 automatic petrol 7 seat for sale. Good condition with only 95000km' s and regular services. Dual airbags, CD player, Air conditioning, Power steering, Anti lock brakes, Tow bar (Champagne colour). Very versatile seating positions. Offers around $8000PM FOR CONTACT DETAILS . . Ask for Rob
  3. Hi everyone. Altus Traffic are looking for Traffic controllers for day, night and weekend shifts on a casual basis at this time We have lots of work around the metro area and from Geraldton through to Bunbury If you are interested please let me know. http://www.altustraffic.com.au Rob
  4. Good morning. Can you please pm me what you have left
  5. robshire

    Under 10s Football

    At the moment it is only indoor footy and there is no training. I think games begin in the first week of Feb and are on Saturday mornings in Joondalup. Did you say your son was under 10? If you are thinking of moving this way a word with one of the organisers might slot you in to a team. I think there is about 2 months left and that should fit nicely with the outdoor season. When do you get here? Rob.
  6. robshire

    Under 10s Football

    What age do premier divisions start at? Dave, yes we are in Butler
  7. robshire

    Under 10s Football

    This is probably a good place to start http://www.footballwest.com.au/ Your welcome to come and have a kick with my boys but your a long way away. Rob
  8. robshire

    Under 10s Football

    Hi Dave. What area are you moving to. I see your from Newton le willows. Im originally from around Frodsham and Runcorn
  9. robshire

    E wire

    Has anyone used E wire. Were in Butler and looking for a new broadband connection with or without a phone. Any tips. Rob
  10. robshire

    mini bus

    Can anyone reccomend a mini bus / maxi taxi service in the northern suburbs. Thanks. Rob
  11. robshire

    Under 10s Football

    Does anyone live around Joondalup or Butler etc with A boy or girl roughly between 8 and 10 looking to play footie (Not AFL) We need an extra player for the Bouncer sports under 10 league for Sat mornings as we struggle to get a full team some weeks. Pm me if your interested. Rob
  12. robshire

    Buying a car??

    You can get finance with a job offer. the only thing that can go against you is if the job offer has a 3 month probation period as you essentially have no garuntee of long term work. Even with this the bank or credit agency will look at other securities like homes, Assets previous history etc etc. If you do need to buy something get a relatively new small car if your budget allows as they are economical and tend to hold there value. If you dont have the budget I would personally buy an older large car. They will never be great on fuel but if they are looked after they tend to last. Keep it simple with Toyota Camry, Ford Falcon or the obvious choice of a Holden Commodore. You can afford to be picky as there are plenty around. Once you can get finance use it as your deposit or sell it. It shouldnt have depreciated much if you didnt pay too much. I was a car salesman for both AHG and DVG in Wangara and specialised in new migrants. Im happy to point somone in the right direction as I still keep in touch. Feel free to pm me. Rob
  13. robshire

    Annie tickets

    They are for the circle row M seats Six and Seven
  14. robshire

    Annie tickets

    I forgot to mention that they are for Sunday the 2nd of September at 3pm
  15. robshire

    Annie tickets

    I have two spare Annie tickets for the Burswood dome on Sunday the 2nd. Cost $187.55 Sell for $150. Please pm me if interested. Rob.