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  1. I've searched seek and indeed but always come up short. My occupation was pipefitter at home but it's not clear here. I'm not sure if it is pipefitter or mechanical plumber. Most pipefitter jobs require you to be a welder too which is strange. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Currently on a working holiday visa (417) I'm wondering if with the right company and sponsorship was an option I could void the visa as it's not the best to find work. I am 26 with 5 years experience as a tradesman/supervisor at cammell laird shipyard in the UK
  3. Hi, I realise your comments are from 3 years ago but I was wondering how you got on with the job situation? I arrived in Australia 2 months ago and I am myself a pipefitter trying to determine what job prospects I have. I don't know whether my uk trade certificates are valid here. Please reply and help me figure out what path to take