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  1. CeeJayKav

    Regional area advice

    Hi everyone, Ive received invitation to apply for visa 489 WA. Was just wondering what life is like in regional Australia particularly in WA. Im a mental health nurse and have two kids one 8yrs and 7 months. Im also wondering about job opportunities there for mental health nurses. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. Regards Cathrine
  2. I am presenting in person at the APHRA office in November and should hopefully complete my nursing registration. When i return to England i will then start the process of applying for PR. I have my skills assessment approved and have 60 points. Would i be able to start looking for a job without a VISA? Does anyone have an idea of PR processing times??
  3. CeeJayKav

    We have finally arrived!

    Congratulations on your move @JobyJo. Really shocked at the APHRA decision. Please try to appeal, it seems very unreasonable after 20 years to do a bridging program. I will be travelling to Perth next month to complete my registration and to get a feel of Perth before the big move. Good luck going forward. I plan to move in 8 months does anyone know if i can register schools and GP before i move. I will have a temporary address with relatives however will hopefully be in my own place shortly after the move.