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    Job availability Perth

    I've decided that we'll be moving jobless. Currently in Singapore but I've been applying for 4 months with only 2 phone interviews in that time. I work in the offshore industry. We're moving in 3 months. I think being outside of the country rules you out automatically for a lot of positions. Just have to make sure you have some savings to tide you over.
  2. Karl

    Two months in... Nearly!

    Great post! Some of the info you mentioned I was not aware of so it was useful also. My wife and I will be making the move by June at the latest. Our visa was granted a couple of years ago but I got a job offer for Singapore so we've been living here for 2.5 years. Am very much looking forward to the move though. Keep us updated on your experiences
  3. Ok will do thanks! I currently live in Singapore so have made it clear to recruiters and companies that I'd be willing to travel to Perth for second interviews, fingers crossed!
  4. Ok thanks, fingers crossed!
  5. Ok thanks, I've contacted Hays and they're looking into helping me but can you recommend any others? I'm hoping being based in Singapore at the moment will help my case as I'm happy to travel for interviews if required.
  6. Hi all, Moving to Perth within the next 6 months and I have begun to apply through the usual job sites (seek etc) without much luck. Are there any recruitment agencies that people can recommend? Ideally I'd like to get a job before my wife and I make the move. Thanks