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  1. Would you like to meet in the day Von for a coffee and chat . You can pm me to arrange this.
  2. sent you pm.
  3. Hi Von ,Scarborough. Best to meet in the day for a coffee Hillarys is a good meeting place at Dome as lots of free parking and nice coffee. Or Mullaloo again free parking at Dome. Do you live far from either location? Are you also interested in meeting for chat and coffee sometime? Oz Dollar.
  4. Hi Linda, sent you a pm we can meet for a coffee.
  5. Hi My son went to Church lands Public school he was very happy there.
  6. Thank you Druid for your reply.
  7. Hi Linda, I am older than you and live in Scarborough. I would be interested. Julie
  8. I know this has been probably asked lots of times.

    Called my  Australian Super  up as I wanted to know if I could transfer my UK pension direct to them. They told me no.

    Only Uk will charge me 40% if I cash it in.

    I only have about 20 thousand  Uk pension money. I still have a bank account opened in the UK.  And I plan to visit family for the first time in December. I was told  a friend if I put my Uk pension direct to my Uk bank account and pay no tax and draw out 10,000 Uk pounds whilst I am in UK.

    I am 55 and a permanent resident and I have applied for my Citizenship.

    Can you give any advice please.







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      Oz Dollar

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      Also put this email and this did not work

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      my email  is lightblaze99@gmail.com







    3. Andrew Williams

      Andrew Williams

      Sorry was rushing to leave the office.  It's andrew@vistafs.com.au 

    4. Oz Dollar

      Oz Dollar

      Thank you sent you email.



  9. Hi House hunting in Beldon , Craigie or Currambine do not know much about the area. Do not need any advice on schools as son 18. Would love to hear from people who live there.
  10. Thank you ever so much Sarah,Warnbro and Alan, So kind to reply and give me help and advice. I am a resident and have applied for my citizenship. ( so maybe calling on you guys again)? This website has so many kind caring people thank you again I do not know what I would do with out you guys.
  11. Sold house in Uk want to put my money towards house purchase in Perth WA. Lived in house 9 years and was main residency. I have $100,00 left from my sale in Uk towards my house purchase in Perth. Do you pay any tax on transferring from the Uk to purchase a home in Perth WA. If so what is the percentage please? I hope you can help?
  12. Hi John, We have been told we need to set up a new account with Moneycorp as we will not be able to use the old account soon will there be any tax implications when we decide to cash in our money? Only we are looking for a home and when we find one we like we will need the money from the sale of a Uk home we lived in for over 7 years.
  13. I sorry to hear this . I hope you got your lost money. Any change when it comes to your money is very worrying especially when it is all to do with the rate. which is up and down. As I thought once you had done your transfer from a UK account to Australian account the rate was fixed as its a transfer or does the rate only apply once you have withdrawn your money? Did they tell you anything about this? Maybe someone else on this site may know this?
  14. Forgot to say has any one else had a phone call or email like this?
  15. I am emailing in regards to a change in Moneycorp policy, Moneycorp has changed its policy in regards to dealing with clients who reside in Australia. Moneycorp has had to set up a new business, TTT Moneycorp PTY Ltd, so that we can comply with Australian Financial Regulations; therefore, this means that we need to set up all our existing clients who reside in Australia with a new Moneycorp PTY account. The way you deal with Moneycorp still stays the same, however, for administrative and legal reasons we do require you to set up a new account. Hi has any one else had a phone call or email like this? The funds that are already on your standard Moneycorp Account will not be affected. The issue is that you will not be able to transfer the funds from your existing account to another bank account from the end of June, therefore this is the reason why we require you to set up this new account so that you can transfer the funds across to the new account. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused Thank you