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  1. murray146

    Container has gone!!

    Definetly no turning back now!! Not that we were thinking about it anyway! :-) 20 days and counting!
  2. murray146

    Sept 189/190 gang!

    To be honest, it's was the best bloody nights sleep I've had in weeks Debs!! I ve been waking up at 5am for weeks waiting for that email and it took a phone call to Adelaide on Tues night to ask what was going on. The operator said he would email the CO's manager as he said we should of had a response and 24hrs later.....bobs your uncle haha! Container arrives next Friday! When are you off Debs?
  3. murray146

    Sept 189/190 gang!

    Finally ..........VISA GRANT!!!! :-) decided to look before I went to bed and there it was! Hot off the press! Flights booked 29th Dec!! Happy days!
  4. murray146

    Sept 189/190 gang!

    Hi, could do with anyone's thoughts on this please? Everything was moving along great. CO allocated....email asking for kids birth certificate with parents names on it, that's it.........uploaded same day 7/11........then nothing. Rightly or wrongly we thought we would hear pretty quickly after the 7th and my wife now has a job to start in January in Perth, so we are really needing to book flights, container, etc. i'm thinking we book flights for 29/12, get the removal people in and just go for it as I'm sure we will hear something shortly but the OH is saying we shouldn't book anything until we get the visa. Arghhhhhh!!! P.s. Ive emailed Team 4 twice in the last week and got no response. I've rang them as well and been told all documents are there and the average turn around time is 6 MONTHS!
  5. murray146

    Survival of the toughest?!!!!!........

    God Amy!! I thought I was reading a post I'd written! My 16yr old daughter (17 in a few weeks) has also decided not to come with us and like you, I really really don't think it will hit me till I get to Australia. I'm hoping like everyone else says, that she will remember the month we had in Perth last year where all she could talk about was whether we could move to Australia! It's all so different now!!! After 10 months of her having very little to do with me, I managed to get her to see a counsellor together, and tonight will be the first time she will of stayed at my house since Feb this year. I don't know if that's because I have tickets to see the new Hunger Games movie but I'll take all I can get right now!! the counsellor says 'it's all in the power of the invitation' and she appears to be right. We are provisionally flying out on the 29th Dec and to keep up this 'power of the invitation', i'am organising for my daughter to come out for a holiday in Easter, which once again seems to make her deal with me leaving a bit better! Maybe be we should start a club in Perth when we arrive and bring our 16/17 yr old daughters along when they are there so they can talk to each other!! :-) Good luck Amy and I agree with everyone else that's posted.......We are doing the right thing and our daughters will come out and join us later when they see the light! :-)
  6. murray146

    Keys today

    Great to hear you're settling in Allan! Hope you're not missing home too much!!
  7. murray146

    Sept 189/190 gang!

    Well done Deeacz!!! It's all happening this morning......we got an email from Team 4 Adelaide and all they've asked for is a more detailed copy of the kids birth certificates. So close! ;-)
  8. murray146

    full steam ahead!

    Not yet but she's had a couple of interviews recently now that she's started applying and we've set a date for moving. we're sort of hopeful our visa grant comes through in the next few weeks as well!! it's going to be a busy December!! good luck with your move
  9. murray146

    full steam ahead!

    As far as I remember you have 60 days to upload them but as we have set a target of Jan 2014 to leave, we had all the documents certified, scanned and ready to go! booked the Medicals and done the police checks the same day we got the invite to apply. Does it not detail it on the invitation? Can't remember where the 60 days thing comes from, sorry.
  10. murray146

    Sept 189/190 gang!

    The whole process should be called 'The Waiting Game' Wait for ANMAC, Wait for AHPRA, Wait for IELTS, Wait now for DIAC! :-) I cannae wait to get on the plane!!!!
  11. murray146

    Sept 189/190 gang!

    Just rang the Adelaide number Deeacz put on this thread last week. We were allocated a CO 30/10 and she says that all the documents we were asked for appear to be there so the CO will be in touch soon.
  12. murray146

    On our way.....

    Good luck Allan. Hope it works out for you all and maybe we can catch up for the next Gers v Ayr game!!
  13. murray146

    To arrive before or after Xmas?

    So what was your final decision then? and who are you flying with?
  14. murray146

    To arrive before or after Xmas?

    Looks like a mass exodus out of Teesside in the New Year then!! ........well, our two families at least!!! Same as you though, we are heading out 1st week in January so we can get the kids settled before they start school in Feb. Still waiting on visa but we're confident it will happen!! Where are you going to be working?
  15. murray146

    Aphra timeline

    Unfortunately I think you will find the average time is nearer the 10 to 12 weeks but I know there are PP members who have received it quicker. Good luck and hopefully it will come through in time.