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  1. We have finally arrived!

    How frustrating for you @JobyJo I really hope it works out for you -maybe see you in WA soon x
  2. Need a good Removal company from UK to Perth

    Thanks @ali
  3. We have finally arrived!

    @JobyJo how long did it take for them to make the decision? TIA x
  4. We have finally arrived!

    oh no @JobyJo thats awful ! I am about to submit my application for midwifery. I hope they don't tell me I have to do a bridging programme .....hope it all works out for you...x
  5. Need a good Removal company from UK to Perth

    Thanks for this thread- I was just about to post the same. Great advice from @Admin, cheers - I've contacted PSS for a quote :-) Good luck @Helen
  6. We have finally arrived!

    Whats the problem with your nurse registration @JobyJo ????
  7. what are you doing at this moment

    No still in UK but things are picking up pace again and we should be heading to WA soon ! Very excited @Rossmoyne 😎
  8. Weather in Oct & favourite airline?

    We did our validation trip in october 2014. The weather was changeable but warm. The first day was 35 deg which was a shock to our system (a welcome shock.) Our PP meet up in Kings Park was hampered by heavy rain but we did get to meet some lovely folks. All in all we had shorts, t-shirts and hoodies - at times- and were more than comfortable. We flew with Etihad via abu dhabi and could not fault the flight. Enjoy your trip !
  9. what are you doing at this moment

    Hi All, Just catching up on PP. Not been here for ages but plans are picking up pace again (eventually !) so I wondered who was still around on here?...Hope you are all well?
  10. Renewing aphra registration

    @ali when you get your registration processed and you now have 3 months to finalise -what does that entail ? I know you present at the local office but what do you need is it proof of address in Aus or job offer etc??
  11. Renewing aphra registration

    Thanks Ali. That's really helpful x
  12. Renewing aphra registration

    Any idea of current processing times for new registrations @ali ??
  13. Selling UK house from Australia

    we're heading to Brisbane most likely.... xx
  14. Selling UK house from Australia

    @Raychelsb - sounds like you are settled out there now if you're selling up? glad to hear it, good luck with the sale.... hoping ours sells soon and we will be off too........ xx
  15. Hows Perth doin ?

    that is so sad @Plimthing we are eventually selling up and making the leap but stories like this make you think twice. we are now heading east due to more work opportunities and cheaper housing... x