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  1. Aw cool, I'm a carpenter and my wife works in social care, ( I'm on her page hence the name ) lol yea I actually just took a job offshore in the uk so I have a bit of a commute until I find something over here, however at least it's an income until I find something permenant here and as you say with my daughter being 3 it made perfect sense to make the move when we did . Good luck on ur progress. :-)
  2. Your hubby ain't a carpenter by any chance is he ? As your situation sounds a mirror image of ours, I didn't score to high in IELTS and I refused to do it again so 489 it was, we have a little girl who just turned 3 last week , so far all so good. :-)
  3. Have you guys got accommodation already in place for your return ? If you don't mind me asking are you coming over with a trade ? Yea we have been looking in meadow springs it's lovely there , we have applied for one house but not heard back yet , why is everything a waiting game we done enough of this waiting on our visa ha ha .
  4. Ah ok, Think we may take your advice. Lol, Are you coming back out to WA. ?
  5. Hi all, We as a family of 3 arrived in mandurah just over a week ago, we are in a holiday rental for the next 3 weeks but at present we are looking for long term accommodation and my question is what places should we avoid in trying to secure a rental, our first choice to rent would be meadow springs but wether we can secure rental there maybe a different story due to availability etc. any info would be great. Thanks in advance
  6. We are arriving on a 489 visa in 8 weeks and I'm completely lost when looking at health insurance? Are there any policies I should avoid or consider? Do we have cover from Medicare? Any advice appreciated.
  7. Gillypops81

    489 job restrictions?

    Does anyone know if you come to oz on a regional skilled 489 are you restricted to working in the skill you applied or can you work offshore for example?
  8. Myself, hubby and 2 year old daughter are making the move to meadow springs in 10 weeks time. Would appreciate any advice on the area, kindergarten and anyone willing to meet up? We only have 10 weeks to pack up and prepare to leave so I am spending all my spare time making lists, hyperventilating and losing sleep!
  9. Hi all! We are moving to meadow springs in 10 weeks time, hubby 30, daughter 2 and me 32. Hubby might have to work away sometimes so would really appreciate a wing to be taken under?
  10. Do you guys have any kids? X we are moving to meadow springs in 10 weeks time!
  11. Gillypops81


    We had our medicals today, nothing to worry about. Only things like HIV, hep b or tb that can stop you from going. Also anything long term or developmental
  12. Our co has requested more information about the time I was self employed 5/6 years ago? I have requested bank statements and written to the tax office (very unhelpful!) but am extremely anxious that I don't have enough info? So far I have bank statements, pay slips and references that cover most of the dates requested but its patchy? Can our visa be refused based on this????? So worried!
  13. Gillypops81

    Advice please? 489/190

    We (hubby, 2yo and myself) are in the final stages of our application for 489 visa (medicals on Monday) and had hoped to head over to perth in August however for a variety of reasons we have decided to stay in Scotland for another 12 months....ideally we would always have preferred to have pr from the outset, if we apply for a 190 once we already have our temp visa, (state sponsorship, islets, skills assessment, police, meds etc) already completed...do we get anymore points? Is there something we can do that would allow us to go over in may 2014 with pr? Grateful of any advice x
  14. I have completed 3 years at uni doing nursing however only left with an hnc in healthcare, I also have qualifications in social care and housing. How do I convert the skills I have in to ozzy equivalent and is there a way of finishing my nursing when I arrive in oz? ​Any advice appreciated x
  15. Gillypops81

    Agent suspicions! Please help!

    No state sponsered, can't seem to find our agent on the mara website however our info pack contains details of him being registered? We've uncovered some unnerving things about him?