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  1. Hiya, guess that's expensive>??
  2. Weve just seen a bargain and want to start the ball rolling, to buy it!! But...weve got another 8 months left on our lease...whats the costs involved in breaking the lease?!
  3. Haha! Heard that about the mozzies...they love me, maybe it might not be a good idea!!
  4. Hi, Just looking about for land and packages, seems really cheap at Austin Lakes...any reason why? Seems to good to be true??
  5. Hey, so we are looking at building and like the look of Blueprint/WA Group. Their houses and service seems to be pretty good? Also looking at WA Group
  6. mwjw

    Making new friends in Perth

    Hey there!!! I used to work in Leicester, lived in Nottingham!! Where do you live, were in Mandurah and happy to meet people!!
  7. Hey, I'm looking for mum and toddler groups or just people with similar aged kids, looking to catch up around the Mandurah area...anyone out there!!! My little boy is 2 and a half
  8. So, after spending our required 2 years here and expecting our new arrival in 6 weeks, we have been told we dont get maternity pay from work...WHAT!!!! This damn 489 visa has been hell and we thought we would be finally get somewhere. Have to wait for 2 more years after our pr is granted before were entitled to anything..the wife will be back at work by then...shocked after working full time for the last 2 years, paying taxes etc. Just shocked
  9. Thanks for the help! Looks like we might get something then!!!
  10. Hey, My wife is due to go on maternity leave and has to go to Centrelink to get details for her work, so they can claim it back or something? I'm guessing as we cant claim a damn thing until we get PR, but on a bridging visa at the moment...would say we get nowt?!
  11. mwjw

    Should we buy and bring a tumble dryer?

    Hiya, to be honest with you and weve learned this, I wouldn't bring any fridges, washing machines etc with you. If hey break, its hard to get parts or repair them
  12. Hiya, had them done when we got our 489 back in 2013
  13. Hey, Sorry more questions on this! Trying to get everything ready and ive seen a part on the 887 saying we may need medical examinations? We did these on our 489 Visas, do we have to do this again? Mike
  14. Hey, cheers for the info. Want to buy old, but looks impossible. Cant believe banks aren't more flexible!