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  1. nikkiwd

    Childcare in Holiday period

    My kids sometimes go to the YMCA out of school hours care at her school. they do before and after school care and vacation care too which they love as they go on excursions which are included in the price. The daily fee for vacation care there is $60 ish per child but centrelink covers some of the cost.
  2. nikkiwd

    First Home Owners Grant issues

    I know its not quite the same as we bought an established home but the stamp duty discount was linked to us being approved for the first home owners grant, in fact our settlement was delayed by a couple of days due to the lazy folks down the finance department not giving us the approval in time, therefore we would have had to pay the full rate of stamp duty on settlement if we hadn't have been able to delay until the approval came through.
  3. nikkiwd

    Brumby's and Baker's Delight

    VS my hubby spoke to the local surf club about using their kitchen on an 'as and when' kind of basis and they agreed so he now stores all his stuff down there for cheap rent then just pays a day rate whenever he needs to go down to cook. Its great while he is still trying to get business going without the massive overheads.
  4. nikkiwd

    Brumby's and Baker's Delight

    The brumbys near me closed down too but there are 3 bakers delight shops within a 10 minute radius and all are busy. Food vans are expensive to buy kit out and the red tape you have to get around from the council is a bit of a nightmare as hubby was looking at this last year, he was thinking of selling proper Cornish pasties (he is cornish and a chef so is pretty good at them) but gave up.
  5. nikkiwd

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    It hit $2 briefly a couple of months ago before dropping down again, hopefully it stays up there for a bit this time.
  6. nikkiwd

    Property crash

    I know, its been a while @Walkabout. We are staying in Kingsley but struggled to find anything other than duplexes in our price range near Eloise's school so we have gone over to Moolanda. She will stay at her school though. I bet you are fed up with DIY by now?
  7. nikkiwd

    Nearly two weeks in

    Congrats, sounds like things are falling into place for you. We live in Kingsley and are just in process of buying as we love it here. There seem to be a lot more rentals here at the moment and they are a lot cheaper than when we arrived last year. A nice house we were interested in buying a couple of months ago was sold and just came up for rent this week at $440pw which is $60pw cheaper than what we have been paying!
  8. nikkiwd

    Property crash

    We have just bought ourselves a do-er up-er on a pretty big block, got a decent amount of money off the original asking price and as the agent said 'you got the cheapest house in the suburb'. Beats paying $27k a year for someone else's mortgage and it will be nice to decorate how we want it.
  9. nikkiwd

    190 Visa Question

    Unless its changed, it used be every week for 190 visas.
  10. nikkiwd

    Perth Poms business owners.

    My husband and I have an event catering business which we do on the side of our regular jobs, we are still trying to build up but my husband wants to eventually give up work to do the business only. Anyone needing a caterer for their party or event you know where to come
  11. nikkiwd


    There are nurseries (day care ) for kids under 5, some of these also provide a before and after school care for older kids where they drop and pick up the kids to/from school. Our school has a YMCA care on site which provides the school kids with before/after school care and also vacation care. Its pretty good value too compared to others. There are lots of YMCA childcare places around Perth, just google. Some people use childminders (called family daycare I think here) but I think they are harder to come by. The cost of the daycare for our local nursery is $80per day and the Ymca after school care is $30. We get around 50% of this paid by centrelink. The vacation care is $60 per day and again half of this is covered. Depending where you live, costs can be higher.
  12. nikkiwd

    Job offer/ living costs

    Your 4 yr old will be at Kindy at school so will get 2 days one week and 3 days every other week for free. We both work and do fine on a household income a fair bit less than yours, we have 2 kids too.
  13. nikkiwd

    Commute experiences

    I get on the train at Greenwood at 6.20am and rarely get a seat
  14. nikkiwd

    Commute experiences

    Joondalup is probably about half an hour to the city by train then the extra time getting to/from stations. Mindarie is closest to Clarkson station and thats probably 40 mins by train to city plus 10-15 for getting to station and parking etc. Its not that bad if you're used to commuting and don't mind it.
  15. nikkiwd

    Making an offer

    We are house hunting just now, we live in Kingsley and some of the prices are being dropped as the houses aren't selling as quickly as they were. The house next door to us has been on the market for about 2 months and the price has dropped about $40k but TBH most are over priced in the first place. Its definitely a buyers market now though so go in lower and you can always increase your offer.