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  1. In the next 12 months (fingers crossed!)
  2. thanks for the info no1mum, I didn't think it was possible, but good news I may be able to claim back once we go back permanently.
  3. I've just been to Perth to activate my visa and pick up my bank cards. The bank suggested I apply for a TFN so I don't have to pay tax on the interest on my account, but I didn't think this was possible while I'm still living in the UK?
  4. Celts

    Cheapest ways to talk to folk in the UK

    Wow, I like the sound of that - thanks
  5. Hi, I'm just wondering what phone services / Skype packages etc people use when speaking to their friends and family in the UK. Want to make sure everyone is set up to speak to us before we leave, thanks
  6. Whoop whoop got my grant today from DP - spot on 8 months! Sub Class 100 Can't believe its finally over. Good Luck to everyone still waiting
  7. Ooooooooooh fantastic, thanks for the heads up Clifflee
  8. Hi Clifflee, nope, still waiting, just over the 7 month mark now am living in hope for an early grant though!
  9. Hey msoks27 I see your visa has been granted, Congratulations ! Was it granted by DP? All the best
  10. We wont be in Perth until next March/April unfortunately :ssign3: Keep us posted if you do move to Mandurah
  11. I checked my e-mails and his original and out of office didn't have another contact. I re-forwarded my e-mail to DP at the weekend to see if there was a different message but I haven't had an out of office so hopefully he's back and ploughing through 3 months worth of e-mails!
  12. My husband and I are considered Mandurah, I'm in admin (customer service/inventory) and my husband is a hairdresser/acupuncturist. I'm not planning on working in the city but can't seem to find many job adverts in the Mandurah area, can anyone recommend a website for jobs please. Do a lot of people who live in Mandurah travel to Perth for work? I don't want where I live to be governed by where I work but wonder if this may be the reality. Any advise greatfully received.