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  1. flatpack

    Forum is very slow

    I'm struggling to get on here and poms in Oz. If I use my iPad or Mac with safari or chrome then it times out or is very slow. Its only these two sites, anyone got any ideas?
  2. I went into my roof space yesterday and was shocked at the quality of wiring in Au. I've see tidier scrap bins, cables are just laid anywhere and not a clip in sight. How UK sparks have to retrain to Au standards is beyond me.
  3. He will definitely need new tickets but they are really easy to get. I'd never had a ticket in the Uk for an EWP but had used them quite a bit. I did the theory in the morning and actually passed the practical on my practice go. It was very basic. Same with the working at heights and confined spaces. As for work, I'm a chippy not a sparks but I know it's very quiet out there. I'd guess a TA would be around $30 and a sparky around $38.
  4. flatpack

    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    This is the reason why I go to work and ignore them!
  5. People who work for immigration would do well to read this forum, they might learn a thing or two. He didn't give you the details of who to speak to because you don't need permission, it's a moral obligation. Ring them back and ask for it in writing what the rules are and what would happen if you went to a different state.
  6. flatpack

    Form 922 vs 929

    Maybe ask them!
  7. flatpack

    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    Just ignore them
  8. flatpack

    Car hire

    No Birds (Bayswater Car Rental) not only are one of the cheapest at $25 a day for a new Corolla but their excess is very small and so is their waiver which takes the excess down to zero. Only drawback is their opening hours, they're a short taxi (uber) ride away but they'll be closed by the time you get there. Where are you stopping? As they also have offices in the city and at Subiaco.
  9. flatpack

    money/finance/mortgage question?

    I was told 12 weeks pay slips to get a mortgage, I got my 12 pay slip on the Wednesday, had a mortgage offer by Friday lunch and signed up for a house at 9.30 that very same night! The whole process moves very quickly out here, because we were in a rental and the house we were buying was empty they tried to move our completion date forwards so the whole process was only 2 weeks. We declined as we would still have had to pay rent for 6 weeks. I can't help with car finance but I'm sure most dealers will bend over backwards to help you borrow money
  10. flatpack

    Job interview....Advice needed

    Good luck Louise, does this mean we might see you all sooner?
  11. flatpack

    I know no one will care but ......

    IKNOWCB we have fulfilled our obligation to the state of WA today. We've lived and worked in this beautiful state for the 2 years required under our State Sponsored visa. We aren't planning on moving inter-state anytime soon but if we do we can do it with a clear conscience.
  12. flatpack

    Where do you buy your booze and why?

    Liquorland as the missus works for Coles and we get a discount
  13. I like to use a Yorkshire term to describe Dome coffee, crap. I cannot for the life in me work out why people go in.
  14. flatpack


    Can't answer that for you but have you ask a migration agent?