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  1. flatpack

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    So it's now over 4 weeks since I did the test, following advice from the lady who interviewed me I rang the local council today. I spoke to a very helpful lady who said that we need to wait for a letter from immigration saying we had passed the test/ interview. Once we receive that then it's a quick process. I told her when we did the test and she said we should have it very soon. She checked available dates and there's room for us on the 1st of July which mean we can get passports before 1st August. I'm pretty happy with that timeframe. Just waiting for the letter now!
  2. flatpack

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    I asked at thew immigration department and she said it was doable but tight. We have to wait until immigration inform the council before we can request a sooner date and I'm not sure how long that will take. I'll give it 4 weeks before I ring the council.
  3. flatpack

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    So after loads of swatting and completing mock Citizenship Tests on an app the OH went to do her interview and test. She was real nervous and out of maybe 40 or 50 mock tests she had failed only twice, the very first one and one about halfway through. However guess which ones she was concentrating on lol. Anyway I went with her and off she goes for the interview armed with her docs. 20 mins later she comes out and heads straight for the door, walking at a much faster pace than usual. I had to catch her up, i asked how she'd gone on. Her face said she'd failed but she'd passed with 90%. Just waiting for the next step now which they said can be 3-6 months wait. At least our council do ceremonies every month. Are we going to beat the deadline before we need an RRV?
  4. flatpack

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    So the OH was nervous about doing her test so quickly so I swapped her appointment with mine. Appointment time 2.40 Arrived at 2.20 Called for interview at 2.20 (literally as I pulled my ticket from the machine) Went for test 2.30 Walked out all completed at 2.43 It's a very simple process, there was to interview to speak of. Just asked for my docs and processed them, then off to the computers for the test. The lady was very helpful and think there's a small chance we might get it all completed in time to save on RRV's
  5. flatpack

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    That's why the missus is doing her test on Thursday. We'd like to do it together but if we can save the cost of her RRV
  6. flatpack

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    We got our interview dates today, August 1st. How Ozzie is it that my OH will be flying to Bali that day I've managed to get her a cancelled appointment for this Thursday afternoon, she hasn't even looked at the test questions yet. How long have people waited for their ceremony after the interview?
  7. flatpack

    Has anyone applied for citizenship lately?

    We applied in August 2018 online and our application has the status "received" which mean just that and has yet to be looked at by anyone . Nearly 8 months and now it looks like I'll have to fork out for RRVs
  8. flatpack

    Forum is very slow

    I'm struggling to get on here and poms in Oz. If I use my iPad or Mac with safari or chrome then it times out or is very slow. Its only these two sites, anyone got any ideas?
  9. I went into my roof space yesterday and was shocked at the quality of wiring in Au. I've see tidier scrap bins, cables are just laid anywhere and not a clip in sight. How UK sparks have to retrain to Au standards is beyond me.
  10. He will definitely need new tickets but they are really easy to get. I'd never had a ticket in the Uk for an EWP but had used them quite a bit. I did the theory in the morning and actually passed the practical on my practice go. It was very basic. Same with the working at heights and confined spaces. As for work, I'm a chippy not a sparks but I know it's very quiet out there. I'd guess a TA would be around $30 and a sparky around $38.
  11. flatpack

    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    This is the reason why I go to work and ignore them!
  12. People who work for immigration would do well to read this forum, they might learn a thing or two. He didn't give you the details of who to speak to because you don't need permission, it's a moral obligation. Ring them back and ask for it in writing what the rules are and what would happen if you went to a different state.
  13. flatpack

    Form 922 vs 929

    Maybe ask them!
  14. flatpack

    How'd you cope with families visiting ?

    Just ignore them
  15. flatpack

    Car hire

    No Birds (Bayswater Car Rental) not only are one of the cheapest at $25 a day for a new Corolla but their excess is very small and so is their waiver which takes the excess down to zero. Only drawback is their opening hours, they're a short taxi (uber) ride away but they'll be closed by the time you get there. Where are you stopping? As they also have offices in the city and at Subiaco.