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  1. thanks again portlaunay- we both have many years of experience since 2006 for myself and 2000 for my hubby. I have been off from paid work since 2012 since having our first child. Although I worked in social care I did not complete my MA in social work so have contacted a uni in perth to finis my studies with them as I currently have 2 more modules to do. as for hubby he works as a lawyer and has just finished his LPC which is equivalent to Australian Graduate Diploma in Law he has not completed this training contract which is the same as the graduate position and completing the 2 years as a Restricted Practitioner. therefore without this final element he is unable to catagorise himself as a solicitor. All very frustrating. will contact Matilda today. Hopefully some positives.
  2. Legal Jobs

    congratulations with the job if you don't mind me asking what job have you managed to secure?
  3. thanks really appreciate the help. Finding it all very hard going me and the hubby have been together since 15 and all we wanted to do was get a goo education and move to Australia It now looks like we should have one for less qualified jobs!!! sol and csol seem to have jobs such as café manager dog and cat kennel worker ect types of jobs. Feel sad that now we are 30 and 32 time is passing us by and we seem to be in a worse position to obtain a visa.
  4. thanks ill take a look do you know how much they cost at all?
  5. hi there I too am hoping to move to Perth with my family my husband is a lawyer but in the eyes of the Australian sol he is not solicitor so we now need to get there with my work. I was, prior to children, a youth worker/family and children's worker, both are not on the sol and not on Perth's csol!!! I have nearly completed a social work degree so I'm hoping that I can somehow make this happen!!! so any advice on migration help with visas I'm unsure on what company to use so any advice would be greatly appreciated given the complexity of our case it seesm we will need help. thanks
  6. Legal Jobs

    hiya again he is classed as a legal executive as he also has completed the (Institute of Legal Executives) ILEX course as well as the LPC. The legal executive is on the SOL list we can apply for a 190 visa. Basically a 'Legal Executive' is anybody practicing law that's qualified by ILEX but they have to work under the supervision of a Solicitor and are unable to work for themselves. He did this course on purpose to give him a back up if he couldn't get a TC! Its a nightmare profession really so hard across the world!! I hope you are happy over there and that you OH enjoys his career its a shame after paying all that LPC money out that he cant get a lawyers role!!!!
  7. All getting real now

    brilliant that's really good news!! we are still at the very beginning of our move still caught up in paperwork and trying to get all our qualifications!!! wish we could get a job before we move what a huge relief! x
  8. Legal Jobs

    thanks so much for all this info!!EOI (Expression of interest) is what you have to do before you can apply for a visa now!!! yes we did the assessment and qualified for a permanent visa not sure if we have this wrong now though!!! as when it asked how many months you worked in that area or similar we filled it in as if his current job (Fee earning legal assistant) was a yes! I suppose my question is .... are you glad you made to move despite the difficulty? is it worth it and have you got a better lifestyle? Do you have children? I am more worried because we have a family if we didn't id throw caution to the wind!!!
  9. Legal Jobs

    I think we misunderstood the paperwork then : ( we thought that the LPC was being assessed against the PLT as it was 2 different forms we had to fill in for assessment. 1 for the LLB and 1 for the LPC? did your hubby had to do this?? When we put our EOI in it looked like we would be ok as his experience was in a similar field! ooh don't know now how stressful!! What your hubby end up studying then? his job does sound like something my OH would do! he loves anything to do with politics!!
  10. Legal Jobs

    ooh bumma!!! no we didn't realise!! my OH works in a large law firm but has not completed his TC so we are in the same position as you really! We are trying to find ways to do the study before in Oz but we are struggling. He emailed all of WA unis to see if they had a distance learning option but we are coming up against brick walls!! we would be happy to pay the money if there is a good chance that jobs will be available afterwards!!
  11. Legal Jobs

    Thank you so very much Lou that's so much help!! we looked for recruitment agencies but seemed to get loads of stuff about legal Visa help!?!? I think because were still in the UK google doesn't like us trying to search Aussie information! Husband is corporate law has open university degree stuff in business and finance that's his area along with employment law. Hope that this will be an area that he can get into easily(ish??) thanks again x
  12. Legal Jobs

    Thanks so much for your reply! What lawyer is your husband? wow that's a lot of money, did he agree with what they told him to do as ive herd that some people feel that they are rather unfair with what units they make you retake. OH will be the main applicant as I don't really want to work as I have our children to consider but if it will take years then looks like I have no choice!!! Is your OH paying or has he had them paid for? is he doing them full time? Did your OH get work after the 7 months off? Thanks again not many people seem to be in this situation so its really good to talk to people who have been there and done it.
  13. Legal Jobs

    Hi there all, Me and my Hubby are in the initial stages of applying for visas, our hope is to move to Perth with our daughter in the next 18 months. Can anyone shed any light on how the job front is in Perth at the moment? is there plenty of jobs or is it like the UK? my husband is a lawyer and im a full time mother. However i have an Early Years Degree and wondered if id be well qualified for any job in Perth. I undersatnd that my Hubby needs to complete more study in Perth to get his UK LLB qualifications in line with the Australian LLB. Also, if there are any solicitors out there that can tell us our realistic chances of a UK laywer getting employed in Perth we would be greatful. We have no idea if this area is as difficult to make a future out of as it is in the UK. Any information would be great!! People tell us that we need to get jobs sorted before we move but we have no idea how realistic this is and how to go about getting a job whilst still in the UK. Cheers.