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Atwell(harvest lakes)


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We live in Atwell, Atwell college is the public high school here and there are several primary schools, the buses seem to be pretty frequent though I admit I've only caught one once. Cockburn shopping centre is about 5 mins away in the car as is the train station and access to the kwinana freeway. There is a youth centre at Cockburn that is open throughout the week offering activities for kids up to 18 but is open for up to 24 yr olds.


Atwell has its own small precinct with supermarket, bakery, newsagent, pharmacy, gym, pizza takeaway, hairdresser, bottleshop, gp, but you'll find these in most areas. For me it can feel lonely at times but i'm not working and a relatively shy person initially but people are friendly enough.


The beaches, Fremantle and Perth are all approx. 30 mins or less away as I am discovering different and quicker roads to travel but all this comes with time and we've only been living here since july. Adventure World is 15 mins away and I've just discovered there is a ice skating rink locally as well. I do find (and this is my own personal opinion) is that things don't seem to be advertised well and you do have to go out and look for them or be told about them.


Like anywhere come and have a drive around a few times to get the feel of the place, we're staying in this area for a while but are thinking of moving house - kids want a house with a pool :)









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