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Is there hope?


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Hey there

ive been told by vetasses if iI top up my post grad to a MA/MSc I can reapply and it would be positive outcome as long as I have 5 years highly relevant experience. I have 10 years.

I can do my master in HR in 6-12 months. However I won't be able to gain experience post this as I lose points for age in 2015. I'm thinking will diac look at work experience that vetassess look at (past 5 years) after post grad to masters or will they only award points post masters which = nil?


Will a MA be able to advise in this as it's not a straight forward situation and it's an expensive risk to take!


Any thoughts?



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Tough one. I've no words of wisdom or encouragement, sorry. I hope someone can advise but your best bet would be to approach an agent. Of course the rules can change at any time so it's going to be impossible to get a definitive answer.


Thx MA on pio is going to look at my case!

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