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    I think it offers both the best and worst of WA. On the one hand the landscape is amazing. There are some beautiful little coves and beaches, crystal clear waters, if you're lucky you'll have whales and dolphins dancing around you too and your kids will want to take the little quokkas home, they're so cute. However, it has a dreadful history of incarceration and abuse. The accommodation is shocking, I mean like 1950's holiday park chalets that haven't had a cent spent on them since and you're charged five star prices for them. If you go, take your own food and drink, again, it's terrible, the service is appalling and you'll pay a fortune for it. When we go we take our own bikes, fuel up with a big breakfast and take a decent picnic in paper bags. When we get there we ride into the island, Parakeet Bay is lovely, have a swim, lunch on the beach and then a ride around before the ferry returns. As ali said, there are often vouchers that bring the cost of the ferry down. If I were in your position I'd only go if I could get the cheap tickets and avoid buying anything there.
  2. portlaunay

    Safety in perth

    The thing is, if this were a pub, and internet forums are often likened so, with a good mix of locals and visitors and there were one or two people shouting about how crap it is around here then visitors would likely leave and never return. They'd also likely leave better informed about those individuals, not necessarily about the area or the other patrons. I find your posts and your point of view quite amusing and as long as you don't break the rules, as a mod I certainly see no reason to intervene but I am curious about your motives when there don't seem to be many who share your point of view. If you or anyone on here has cause for concern about anything they read, either in open posts or PM's I would urge them to report it to one of the mods. I personally found this forum to be extremely helpful pre and post move and I didn't read a great deal about the crime levels in Perth. Fortunately the absence of such information only reflects my personal experience over the past four years.
  3. portlaunay

    Safety in perth

    Couple of things. First, please do not post Facebook links, we will remove them. Secondly, with hundreds of members, a great many with years of residency here in Perth, if crime is so prevalent, why are there not more people coming forward to raise concern? Hmmm, funny that.
  4. Maybe check this out too;
  5. portlaunay

    Boxes wanted

    @Sideshowdeb we're back from hols and commencing the big pack this week. If you have some boxes please let me know and I'll organise a time with you to collect. Cheers
  6. portlaunay

    Safety in perth

    Amazing, well done, I would have gone but I was worried it might be a bit of a warzone. I had friends go along to this too and in one of their Facebook posts I was worried because it appeared as though someone in the background of one of their photos looked a bit shifty. We just got back from a three week holiday. While we were away, amazingly, no one broke into our house. We left one car unlocked on our drive and when we got back it was still there! Suspiciously our other car had a flat battery. I'm thinking of starting a local Facebook page to highlight my concerns about how there appears to be a drug and alcohol fuelled craze of unsavoury types breaking into cars and syphoning off the electrickery. It's the only plausible explanation. This morning we took the dog for a walk through 'The Beacy Bronx' which we've lived close to for two years and, according to The Fremantle Herald is an area that "has been plagued for years by feuding and violence, burglaries, rampant illicit drug use and tearaway children wandering streets at all hours." Nothing happened.
  7. portlaunay

    High Schools

    When you get here we'll arrange a meet up and my son can give you the warts and all low down on SFSHS. The merger will be an interesting time and the Principal post is being appointed to later this year. The merger does look like a very exciting time but we're hoping it won't impact upon the music programme. Depending on who gets the Principals role and how the music school will be structured will determine whether we stay there or move on.
  8. portlaunay

    High Schools

    Sorry for the late reply. The school is Lance Holt. It's in the middle of Freo, really small, approx 100 kids from prindy to Y6. It's pretty hard to get into, there are people who have their names on the wait list as soon as their kids are born but we were just lucky that there was space when she started. Check it out - http://www.lanceholtschool.wa.edu.au/ It's not for everyone and a small school comes with its own issues but on the whole it's a very special place.
  9. portlaunay

    Game console question

    Keep hold of your console and games though. You'll be able to trade the whole lot in at EB Games when you get here, they won't care that it's a UK device.
  10. portlaunay

    High Schools

    Mixed is probably the best way to describe it and I'll start with the positives. The music programme is amazing. I mean, really incredible, I wish I was a kid again. The structure is very interesting and works on so many levels. Each year group are put into bands comprising different musicians and they practice, perform and write together throughout the year. They go through the Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing phases, learn how to manage themselves, deal with relationships and conflict and of course, their instruments. They all have to play in their bands at the end of term showcases, in front of all the parents. The progression is amazing and they get to play public events too, going on tour when they're older, learning about the music business, staging, production, all aspects of the business really. We only hope that with the changes ahead, the music programme will be left well alone. On the downside, the academic school we've found to be mediocre at best. The teaching has been uninspiring and my son has struggled because he's keen to learn and it feels like some of the staff do the bare minimum to get by. Classes are often disrupted by poor behaviour and there is very little discipline from the teaching staff. His sister is at an exceptional primary school and despite being 3 years younger, her reading and writing ability is almost as good as his! 2016 will be a very telling year as the Principal posts for the new school will be appointed to. There will also be many changes to the teaching staff and with that will come our decision as to whether our son stays or goes. JC isn't an option for us, we know enough about it to know that it wouldn't work for our son. We've known many people who've had children there and it's not worked for them and from their experiences, it's been struck from our list. If he does move on there are a couple of options and the favoured one at the moment will be the Steiner school in Bibra Lake, supplemented by an extra curricular music programme.
  11. portlaunay

    Boxes wanted

    That would be great, thanks. We're away for January, and then move around the second week of Feb so if I could collect some in the first week of Feb? We already have some very large boxes but we could do with a range of different other sizes. I'll PM you when we get back if that's okay?
  12. portlaunay

    Another spider thread

    Just found this right outside our back door tonight. The web is around half a metre across and the spider is about 5cm long. It's a Garden Orb Weaver, docile and harmless but amazing. It built this web in around 30 minutes and in the morning, just before sunrise it will eat it and scurry off to sleep until tomorrow night. Sorry about the poor photos.
  13. portlaunay

    Going to Bali for the fist time!

    I think it's a real shame that someone excited about their first overseas trip came on for some advice and has ended up clearly feeling pretty negative. I didn't see anything the OP said about not exploring Australia, I don't know but they may have been here for decades, had many holidays in Australia and this is their first time abroad. I think if people have genuinely helpful, objective advice it's welcome - places to avoid for example but seriously, someone's excited about a holiday and half the comments are glib and facile. GMAB rather has a point, there's an element of negativity seeping through a lot of the threads recently and opposing views are welcome but only when objective, educated and for the benefit of the community. It's great that there's banter between members but I always find myself wondering whether what is said (typed) on here is representative of how people would conduct themselves when face to face with someone who, essentially, they don't know. Without visual cues that are so important in face to face communication we are left to speculate on the sentiment intended behind the words we read. However you reflect on what has been said, whatever anyone thinks about their intentions, the fact is, someone came on here feeling positive, asked for help and has left after a pretty terrible experience.
  14. portlaunay

    Healthcare jobs

    This may not be what a lot of you would like to hear but it's worth thinking about when considering your future.More than 1,100 jobs to go from Perth health service More than 1,100 jobs to go from Perth health service http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-03/kim-hames-confirms-job-cuts-in-health/7065076
  15. portlaunay

    Airport Transfers

    I'm sure they'll fit and I doubt anyone will check but if you prang it, whether it had anything to do with the car seats or not you can bet the insurance will wriggle out of it. If you get a tug and the cops are on the ball you'll also have them to deal with. It's a risk only you can decide to take but car seats are cheap, I'd be inclined to save dragging them around the world in favor of picking up a couple of new ones at K-mart