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Hmrc debt....advice needed please

Guest Kite

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I have just found out that I have an overpayment debt just under £4000...apparently they have sent letters but not been posted onto me...I now have one stating that if not paid goes onto debt agency...I can not afford to pay this at all....can anyone please tell me what's happens with hmrc debt if left unpaid...does it clear itself after so many years etc?...not looking for negative comments just advice please. Thank you

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Have you called them? They don't offer it as standard but due to the high amount they may be able to set up a payment plan if you discuss your situation. You could always ask citizens advice bureau. It's not wise to get on the wrong side of the government they don't stop until it's resolved!

If it was me I'd call them and get it sorted. At the end if the day they are capable of wiping off debt that's small fry to them.

Good luck anyway.

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There's been a lot in the press about poor standards and staffing levels at the HMRC over the last few of years. I'd start off by querying it and getting them to show you exactly where the error occurred and prove you actually do owe that much. They get things wrong so often I wouldn't accept anything without checking it out. Whatever happens after that there's lots of free advice on things like this available online and the Citizens Advice Bureau is a good place to start. Good luck x

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