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Telstra moving home


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Hi all,


just wondering who has experience of moving their phone and bb with telstra?


they have told me today that they are unable to disconnect our old property and new property on the same day, according to government policy that we have to wait at least four working days between the old property disconnecting and the new one connecting!!


is this for real? I have googled it and cant find anything? So we disconnect on the friday when we move out and the earliest we can connect will be the following thursday!


also they are saying there is no phone line at the property when i have seen the phone point with my own eyes! And now they want to charge us to get a technician out to check it, $59 to check or $299 to put a line in, which they wont need to do! I know the landlord is responsible but i still find it ridiculous.


has anyone had similar issues with them and did you get around it in anyway?



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Sounds about right to me from what we have done before here. If you think you are bad we faced the same problem but were running a business!! Imagine that, think we had three days without a connected line in our new office. We got round it by using mobiles and the purchase of a USB stick thingy for Internet connection and used Skype for some of our calls via a laptop. Also just because you saw a phone point it may not mean that Telstra have one of their live lines connected to the building or indeed a line to it from the local exchange. The phone socket could be just a show pony.

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Thanks sttp.


but surely if there has been a line connected previously there should be nothing for a technician to do? Just a switch on at the exchange? Its not a new build, and the landlord had a line connected previously.


The landlord may have had the line disconnected? Have you asked that?


If Telstra are saying though that they cannot see an active line on their system then they will need to test that and stick something into the board at the exchange, possibly at the property and even possibly at both ends if there is a snag or two, then Telstra guy after checking will go into his magic laptop and create a job to either re-activate the line, confirm that a Telstra line is not "presented' at the property, fix a fault (faulty wire in the socket for example) or resolve anything else. To be honest it is the same as what BT would do if they could not see an active line. As I say a phone point does not equal fully working line.

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