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  1. I love the fact that so many people are saying ALDI is rubbish because it means its less crowded! I'm saving $40-70 a week since we started shopping there and I don't think it's any different quality wise to what's on offer in Coles and Woolies. I buy as much as I can in ALDI then pop to Coles/Woolies for a few other items I'd rather stick with and it saves me a ton!
  2. They only charge if you use a credit card, not a debit card
  3. lozzachino

    Travel times from Currambine to CBD

    What Stormy said. If you're walking distance to the train station even better! Trains run well here and are well worth getting if you can. The freeway is a nightmare between 6:30-9:30am.
  4. Thanks, I just stopped doing UK returns as we sold our house there now so no need to do them anymore...not sure i can be bothered now! And if i get paid into my Australian account it appears I may be liable for a fee as its an international transaction!
  5. our solicitor verified our passports over Skype! We just had to hold them up to her and she took screenshots and then they certified them themselves. Sometimes I think they like to create hoops for people to jump through for the hell of it!
  6. Hi All I am employed and pay tax as normal in Australia. I've just been offered an extra writing job in the UK whereby they will pay me a small amount each month (max 80GBP per month). This will go straight into my UK account and just stay there, I won't be bringing it over to Australia. Do I need to complete a UK tax return if I am earning in the UK or only if my earnings are over the current tax free allowance? Also, do I then need to declare this income on my Australian tax return? if so, how do I calculate the rate in dollars? At the exchange rate each time I am paid or as the exchange rate for all payments at the time I do the tax return? If anyone can shed some light on this that would be great! Google is not really helping me and the HMRC website isn't either. Technically I'm not self employed and my income will never exceed my tax free allowance in the UK, but perhaps I don't get a tax free allowance there as I live in Australia now? Thank you!
  7. lozzachino

    Recommend a removal company in Perth?

    This is clearly too late for you but for anyone else reading this later I can highly recommend Josh Kennedy Removals. By far the cheapest quote, the guys worked incredibly hard and got the job done in no time at all! You won't be disappointed.
  8. lozzachino

    Edinburgh to Perth Oct 2015

    Also be careful with 30 mins from the city - we live 30 mins from the city if there is no traffic but if you are commuting by car it takes well over an hour during peak times (6am-9:30am!!)
  9. lozzachino

    Childcare in Holiday period

    There are loads of programs here for kids in the holidays. Its commonly called vacation care here. Some are attached to schools, others daycare centres and some are run by local leisure centres. Try find one linked to your childs school as chances are they will see some familiar faces there.
  10. lozzachino

    13 days in ....our update

    Welcome to Perth! We still convert in our heads but only to realise the prices here are pretty reasonable when you compare
  11. Could you change your flights to arrive later and keep working in the uk a bit longer? also when it comes to consent to lease, Halifax made us remortgage and the interest rate went up considerably, so be prepared for an increase in mortgage payments.
  12. We used Sort Out My Visa in Oxfordshire and they were fantastic, highly recommended
  13. lozzachino

    How can we watch UK tv?!!

    Google hola unblocker. although streaming isnt always great. Watched the first downton abbey from season 6 this week and it was fine until the last ten minutes when it just keep freezing. Is this because of the von, itv player or crappy internet? did this for a while and then got foxtel, bbc first channel is worth the money alone. Aussie tv is truly shocking and unwatchable.
  14. lozzachino

    Any other horse riders out there?

    Meeeee!! I have heard bad things about rons riding ranch. I did a trail ride at 1300 trail rides and it was ok but not great. The winery one sounds right up my street - keen!
  15. lozzachino

    Sibling discount for childcare??

    Umm no. Not sure where you got your figures from. yes you do get sibling discount at most daycares but i am not sure what it would be. The child care rebate is $7500 per year per child and everyone is entitled to that no matter what your income is. if you earn under the maximum income you also get childcare benefit but the percentage depends on what your family income is. The more you earn the less you get. I cant remember what the income limit is so check on the centrelink website for the current limit. we ended up paying around $30 a day for daycare so thats around $150 a week per child if they go daily.