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Guest monaliza1

Hello ,

I just sing in, and wondering how to get permanent visa to live in Australia.

I am single with 8 years old boy who is Autistic .

I always dreamed to move to this beautiful and warm country.

I don't have any family and not complete qualifications , so I don't know if we have any chance to get any visa. But I wont give up.

I am just starting to safe up.And thinking , how much money I should have with me , if of any chance we get visa.

And how about schools , any help with benefits to raise my ASD son.

Or all of this is not really good idea?

Please help, I am waiting for any good advise and help.

And what about jobs.

I could do any jobs around cleaning ( hospital, schools, offices )

I have SEN course in level 2, and Helping in Schools Course. I could help with disable children or adults,I also love children and I was a childminder before - so I could do that as well.

Thank You .

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Hi, welcome to PP.

I'd say your first course of action would be to speak to a registered migration agent. I have to say though, if you have no qualifications and/or trade or profession the odds are stacked against you in obtaining a visa. I'm not sure if the SEN is worth anything but the migration agent would be able to advise.

Sorry I can't be any more helpful, I'm sure there are others with more knowledge than me who can advise.

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