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Just out of interest. Are hairdressers on the skills list for WA.

We are aplying for 190 state sponsorship but on my husbands skill as a vocational teacher.

Im a hairdresser and will want to work when we arrive. I wonder if there is demand for hairdressers.

Is the visa you are applying for based on your oh job as a hairdresser?

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Your best bet would be to ring a migration agent and speak to them. We had many conversations with them for months before we payed any

Money to start yhe process. Maybe you could try and get state sponsorship on your occupation. They might say to you that you could be sponsored by a different state but that doesnt really matter if you are going on a 190 because with that visa you can live and work anywhere.

Hope you manage to get things sorted.

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Sorry to hear that, I'm surprised you were able to lodge an EOI for WA. Have you checked all the other states skills lists? just google them. If you find another state that is sponsoring hairdressers for the 190 then you will have to agree to live and work in that state for 2 years, after this though you can move to any other state if you wish. Good luck, I hope you find a way.

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Apparently you dont have to live and work in that state for 2 years. You are obliged to but by law nobody can make you if you get a job in another state. On a 190 visa you have the same rights to live and work anywhere as an aus citizen.

Alot of people are misled by this information.

The government just class it as leakage as long as you have a job they cant force you to stay in the state that sponsored you.

Hope this helps

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