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Was about to send aware my qualifications for my AITSL skills assessment, but having read that I should reach 60 points if I get a good mark sitting the IELTS test ( which I hadn't considered doing), should I now hold back and do the IELTS test first and send my results along with the skills assessment? Do you receive points from the skills assessment including the IELTS result or can you add them together separately?

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Hi Linda21, it might be worth reading the fine print for your skills assessment. I only say this as for the skills assessment I need it states that if you are doing an IELTS then it needs to be completed and the certificate sent along with the application materials. There were a few exceptions to this but they were specific and i cant recall them off the top of my head. It should list all the relevant IELTS requirements for you though?


Hope this helped a bit



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