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    UK Pension Transfers - Ban Update

    Hi Andy, Sounds like I am in a fairly similar situation to Danmon, 10 years Military pension but trying to hold off transfer as I am on 457 visa (Just about to lodge PR). It sounds like mine would be an unfunded scheme and therefore the idea of a sooner transfer may be the right choice? We are staying here in Australia for the foreseeable future.
  2. Evening all, Next time I am back in Perth we will be looking to file our first Tax return. I am just curious as to your opinions on where to go, recommendations, potential pit-falls etc etc. Would be good to hear from anyone on FIFO past/present in case there are some added benefits/costs that I need to watch for. Any feedback would be great. Toodle pip. Edd
  3. eddking2003

    what are you doing at this moment

    Right now I am back in my room on Port Haven camp after spending a day building roads for the South Hedland redevelopment scheme. It's,been 30 here today so not too shabby for mid-winter! I am looking forward to jumping on the plane next Tuesday night and,flying back home to my wife and 3 girls for 6 days leave.
  4. eddking2003

    Printers from the UK - Cartridge compatibility issues??

    Beandownunders? I am intrigued! Whats that all about then?
  5. eddking2003

    Printers from the UK - Cartridge compatibility issues??

    Thanks for all the replies, a great help. I have seen some decent printers here in the reion of $60-100 so I am thinking to put the current one to pasture. Before I do I will have a look at the costs for ebay UK. Peanuts, we have settled in really well thanks. The family love the new life and the kids have never seen so much outdoors activity/BBQ's/beach time! I am working away FIFO at the mo, currently on a 10/4 shift so not too bad for family life - there is still a flicker of recognition in my wifes eyes when I appear at the airport! We have another baby due on the 7th May, it will be born in Joondalup so we are gearing up for that, oh and also just started going through getting our PR sorted too. Nothing like being busy! How are you?
  6. Guys, I have recentley been told that if I buy Epson printer cartridges here for my (newly purchased for the move) Epson 302 series printer, the likleyhood is that they will not fit? Can anyone shed any light on this matter or am I being spun a line here? If it is the truth then i am guessing it would just be easier to buy another printer here than the rigamarole of sourcing UK cartridges for it? Any help appreciated. Edd
  7. eddking2003


    Hi Linda21, it might be worth reading the fine print for your skills assessment. I only say this as for the skills assessment I need it states that if you are doing an IELTS then it needs to be completed and the certificate sent along with the application materials. There were a few exceptions to this but they were specific and i cant recall them off the top of my head. It should list all the relevant IELTS requirements for you though? Hope this helped a bit Edd
  8. Guys, I am on the search for anyone who has had any experience with dealing with the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute especially with reference to skills assessment. I am currently in WA on a 457 but wondering whether to apply for PR early or to wait 2 years and gain employer nominated entry to PR. We would want early just to avoid the looming school costs next year for the lucky 457 holders! Trouble is it seems they (the SSSI) ideally want to see evidence of a 4 year surveying course (Degree etc) however I have a HND and am concerned that it possibly wont be recognised due to the shorter length of study. Has anyone been in the same boat and could shed some light on this one way or the other? Thanks Edd
  9. eddking2003

    Medicare & Private Health cover Iam confused.

    As a update to my last post on this, we have decided to leave Bupa and go with HBF - much cheaper and still exactly the same cover as before. Worth looking at...
  10. eddking2003

    Ex uk forces who have made the move.

    Hey mate, I think that there are plenty of ex-forces over here to be honest. I am an Ex Royal Engineer and I know that there are a good few of us Sappers kicking around, and more keep popping up out of the woodwork - its a small world really. As for making friends and working away its home from home as far as I can see. I work on FIFO rosters and its no different really. Just a LOT less beer and camaradarie... Its hot, sandy and the canteen food can look a bit suspicious - ring any bells? (At least they aren't serving cheese possessed or screech....YET!!) But I think that its just somewhere to get your head down while you are away. Its totally worth it for the life we (Me, Missus and 2 kids) have found now in Perth. I am pretty sure that with a forces background (Which on BTW, if you are ex-RAF then its even better as you STILL dont have to do any PT! ) then you will settle in and get networking pretty quick! Edd
  11. Could anyone point me in direction of somewhere to get an Epson printer seen to. It's putting in a protest at the time it's spent in a box.. Grrrrrrr!!
  12. eddking2003

    Transfering money back to UK with Moneycorp

    Just wondering exact same thing myself! Have PM'd you John, look forward to the reply.
  13. eddking2003

    Woodvale Broadband providers?

    Evenin' all, I would be keen to hear from anyone about decent and successful broadband suppliers in the Woodvale area. I am being led on a right merry dance by Dodo who seem to have been taking lessons in customer service and problem solving from British Gas... Has anyone had any recent success with any other company and what package is it for. I am at the southern e nd of Trappers and I believe we connect through the Kingsley exchange. It doesn't seem that this is Adsl 2+ enabled... Thankee kindly Edd
  14. Yep, it was far easier than we expected. No rucks at the doorway trying to get in, shame really. Winner takes all and that. But it was a lot quieter with only the weekend viewings having more than just us turn up. In fact the place that we will be moving into we offered less than the asking price and were accepted, ok only $10 less but it shows how things are changing.
  15. eddking2003

    Anyone in to dance music?

    Not really heard of anything, but look up The Potbelleeze (or some similar spelling!) they are an aussie rig. That tune that's on the Jeep advert is a,cracker!