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Jazz Gal

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Hi All, Having been in Perth for two weeks it is now time to begin the job search! I am after some info if anyone can help? So far I have been pinging off resumes on Seek, and the agencies that I have rang have suggested sending in a resume and then they'll be in touch if short listed successfully. Question is, is this the usual process for agencies - I have been used to, in the past, calling in, in person and having that face to face first? Also (am not sure who can and can't be named) are there any really good agencies to contact (I am an HR Manager but am looking for temp office based roles to tide me over)


I'll put an arrival roundup up on the other thread, but suffice to say we are two weeks in and we are loving it!

OH has a job interview tomorrow and wondering how he's going to survive a suit in this temp!

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Looking forward to the update.

In my experience recruitment agencies are the same the world over. They like to fit you into boxes and if you're marginally outside the square they simply don't know what to do with you. I've not found a good one anywhere.


My advice would be to bypass them completely, research the employers you think you could fit with and target them directly. A lot happens here by personal recommendation and simply getting out there.


Good luck

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