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Railway Work???

Guest geordiealan

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Guest geordiealan

Hi Everyone


I've just joined Perth Poms and look forward to having the craic with some of you over the coming months.


I've just received my partner 309 visa and I'm flying out in 3 weeks. My partner is already in Perth. We will be living in Perth. I am willing and prepared for FI/FO.


My background is a time served bricklayer but I have done various courses and with my experience gained I'm a site manager for Carillion Rail in the UK. I've a lot of construction, civils and rail experience and I am looking to continue in the railway environment in Australia. Can any one give me any feed back re the work situation out there at the moment (in particular with rail). I was over last April and could see change was round the corner with the economy (having been through 2 recessions in UK) while I appreciate its not a recession I'm also aware things have slowed down. Does anyone know of railway firms recruiting? Are UK tickets eligible in Australia? Are there any additional rail competencies/tickets to take?


Any kind of info/feed back will be greatly appreciated :smile:



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Guest geordiealan
With rail infrastructure, the company that does seem to have a lot of the work is John Holland.


Cheers James. I keep seeing their name popping up so I think I'll hive them a ring and have a chat just to see how things are. Thanks again

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