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  1. jamesw

    Over35 football

    Rockingham City Masters have 2 teams. They train on a Thursday night at Lark Hill from 6.30pm
  2. jamesw

    Weather in WA in August

    I remember coming to Perth for a holiday in August, and could not work out why no one was on the beach and not wearing shorts and t-shirts.. Now after living here for nearly 10 years............its bloody freezing in August!!!
  3. jamesw

    Off season junior cricket

    Cricket season effectively ends on the 31st March and the soccer season starts. Clubs usually start advertising for players around August/September time. If you are staying in Secret Harbour, the biggest club in the area is Rockingham Mandurah, who play their home games at the Lark Hill Sports Complex. They have a couple of professionals in the first team and a good junior setup. I'm fairly sure that Secret Harbour has a club as well, but not on the scale of Rockingham Mandurah. Hope this helps.
  4. Due to high demand, Rockingham City have created more teams for this season. To complete these teams, we are on the look out for the following: Under 12's development players Under 16's development Under 15's girls. For more information, please feel free to contact me on here.
  5. Go to the my football club website, and enter you postcode. It will give you a list of clubs in the area. Along with the clubs that Ali has listed, there is also Canning Buffers who play masters football
  6. Due to a few injuries, Rockingham City are currently looking out for a few players, especially for the under 15's and under 16's teams. If you are looking for a club to play for, then we would welcome you to our club. The season has only just started so there are plenty of games left to play. For more information, just leave a message below and thank you for your time.
  7. Its called linesman for migration purposes. i came over nearly 8 years aho as a telecoms engineer. I don't do that any more. At the time, I used this company to find work. http://www.titanrecruitment.com.au/
  8. jamesw

    How can we watch UK tv?!!

    Foxtel has all those programme on various channels
  9. jamesw

    Halls Head primary schools- help!

    What year groups will your children be in?
  10. jamesw

    Which internet provider to go for?

    If you don't need a phone, maybe look to see if Vivid Wireless is the right service for you. Otherwise, I would be checking the NBN website to see if the new system covers where you a going to live.
  11. jamesw

    Halls Head primary schools- help!

    My lad went to South Halls Head and its an excellent school, no complaints what so ever
  12. jamesw

    has anyone used Go Matilda!

    Used them 8 years ago and now living in OZ!
  13. jamesw


    Singleton itself hasn't really grown, but there has been land development in the Golden Bay area as well as Madora Bay. Just across the road, Lakelands has been the most developed place in the area.
  14. jamesw

    Suburbs in Mandurah

    My lad went to that school when we first arrived. No complaints from us. The area around the school are very family friendly to live.
  15. Hi All, Due to the success of our junior team this season, Peel United Soccer Club are looking to expand their junior section for the 2015 season. The club trains and plays its home games at Bortolo Park, Mandurah and the clinics will also be held there. Date are times are: Sunday 26th October between 9am and 10:30 am Wednesday 29th October between 6pm and 7:30pm Sunday 2nd November between 9am and 10:30am These clinics are open to both boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 17. For any players outside this age range, please feel free to contact me on here for details of other teams we have. We will be on the look out for senior players towards the end of the year as well. We look forward to seeing you at our clinics and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you