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Anyone watched John Pilger's Utopia?


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Didn't watch it WW but might have to now, love rotto and it's just had rave reviews written by an English journo about how pretty and beautiful the beaches are. The quokkas are lovely too (they are what gives the island it's name, when first discovered the people who landed thought the quokkas were huge rats, hence Rottnest..,,rat nest) but they weren't rats just quokkas, but the name stuck!


Definately worth a ferry ride over!

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I know it was an Aboriginal prison and a reform school for boys and I don't imagine it has any positive stories to tell about its early life under European settlers.


I also know that Aboriginal artefacts found on the island date from around 50,000 years prior to European 'discovery' and that as recent as 10,000 years ago you could walk too and from the mainland.


Have you done the Freo prisons tour? TBH there's not a great deal to feel proud about the early days of European rule, Australia's history is littered with truly awful accounts and evidence of extraordinary cruelty and suffering.

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