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Electricial licence

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hello,Any sparks out there with a bit of info.Been in perth about 7 weeks now and am on 176 visa.Moved out from west london,Im 36 and a qualified Electrician and done all my vetasses stuff back in 2008.I only got my visa in nov 11,buy this time id given up and settled into a job.Any way im here now and have been lumbered with this restricted licence.Ive got a gap context course booked at cet for march,For the price of a return flight home and half way back again,plus ive got to sort out this eprofiling business.Does this get sorted out at the collage??.Anyone else been down this track and could shed some info.cheers.

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we came out last May and my husband is still battling through to get the a grade licence. The eprofiling needs to be completed by you and your employer all done online. You will have a load of assignments to complete after your 2 week course then you need to do a comms course a week course then sit the capstone another. 4 days then if you pass all that you get the golden ticket!


good luck!

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hi there.


hope you guys are enjoying WA, was out early Jan to activate visa's and loved it but the one that that really annoyed me was the whole process that I'm going to have to go thru if i want to live there and thats the Electrical License gap training.


Can anyone elaborate on the process as anyone i have talked to has basically said its a nightmare from start to finish, the money is poor and thats if you can get a company to take you on as a Electrical TA.


Having been on the Skilled Migration list i am starting to wonder there really is a skill shortage or the process is just a money making racket as they know lots of foreigners now want to move to OZ. The whole process just seems outrageous considering 18 months ago some people i know went to college for 2 weeks completed their regulations course and had their WA license 2 weeks later.


If you were to make the move out with a family, your wife does not work and you have to work as a TA for 1 year, I am wondering if it is worth giving up everything in the UK for this dream that actually seems pretty likely to fall flat on is face.


Sorry if i sound so doom and gloom but as much as want to move to WA, having spent thousands on the vetassess and visa process I can't say I particularly convinced it would work out.


Can anyone elaborate on this and give me the good news i desperately want to hear that it will work out and there are lots of decent paying jobs.

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There are jobs but I wouldnt say there are loads of decent paying ones. As you know you need your licence to get a job to start with, unless you go for a Trade Assistant job. But its not just your licence, employers are asking for more and more tickets that before you could get a job without, and most of these you will have to pay yourself so costs a lot, EWP, Confined Spaces, HV etc, its not easy being an Expat Spark!

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Hello loulou,cheers for the reply.Grospol 83 yes a big decision u will have to make.I've been here 8 weeks now and haven't had a sniff of any work at all.Restricted license jobs are not advertised its all word of mouth and who u know.The context gap will cost u $1640 without the books,Gumtree for 2nd hand if u can.Then yes seek an employee if u can,start up the eprofiling,gain the experience then go back for the 2nd part which is another $800.I have friends in the trade that's why I moved out but they said no one is hiring at the mo,it gets busy around end of march early April there saying now.And yes like weedolly says they want plenty more courses and tickets to pass as well.I'm staying with family and have still done the best part of 5k already so do expect to spend a few quid before u make a dollor,bricklayers and forklift drivers seem to be the demand at the mo.

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