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  1. Even if you could would immigration not query the fact that you were going out and in the country so much on a tourist visa?
  2. Homesick

    Where did you move from since Perth seems so superficial and uncultured? Maybe that attitude is one of the reasons you cant make friends? Which suburb do you live in? Maybe a move to another suburb could help. We are a FIFO family and manage just fine, yes its not for everyone but you do have to put a bit of effort in as its like being a single parent some of the time. Does family ever come to visit? Do you make sure you do daytrips etc on your partners R&R week? it all helps
  3. 2 Occupations Axed from Lists

    Only 2?
  4. Parent migration options

    I dont think they will have any other choice at the moment than to pay for the Parent Visa. Unfortunately just because someone wants to move to Australia does not mean they will be able to. You have to meet visa conditions.
  5. We used GPS in Joondalup. All went well.
  6. Just before Crimbo

    Loads of time!
  7. So, this is where we are now ....

    Well as Pegg was only here for one year would not qualify for a 5 year RRV as you advised
  8. 457 to PR

    what visa were you on when they made you redundant then? How can you have a casual contract on a sponsored visa?
  9. try one of the other banks, we had an account with the Commonwealth a long time before we moved.
  10. Anyone live in Yanchep?

    dont know about school run times but would take you around 20 minutes at off peak. You have to consider work commute as well, have you been to Yanchep? its nice and shiney and new but apart from the beach not much else there.
  11. Nursing in Australia

    Dont you need a degree to be a nurse? Are you maybe just plugging those courses?
  12. Chicken pox 4 days before we are due to fly!!!

    Are you allowed to fly with chickenpox? I would check if you need a Dr's letter saying its not still infectious
  13. 15 Months in... so far so good!!

    Must be the area you are in. I dont see my OH for 4 weeks at a time and certainly am not feeling vunerable or insecure where I live!
  14. You cant work on a tourist visa, there is some volunteer work that your not supposed to do either I think.