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  1. dont know about school run times but would take you around 20 minutes at off peak. You have to consider work commute as well, have you been to Yanchep? its nice and shiney and new but apart from the beach not much else there.
  2. Dont you need a degree to be a nurse? Are you maybe just plugging those courses?
  3. Are you allowed to fly with chickenpox? I would check if you need a Dr's letter saying its not still infectious
  4. Must be the area you are in. I dont see my OH for 4 weeks at a time and certainly am not feeling vunerable or insecure where I live!
  5. You cant work on a tourist visa, there is some volunteer work that your not supposed to do either I think.
  6. I would agree with the Commonwealth Bank, have been with them 8 years, their Online banking is sooo easy! Hillarys is a lovely suburb, the only touristy bit is Hillary's Boat Harbour and that is not really in the residential part. There is a great park for the kids, Mawson Park along with some small shops, Coles etc, and Whitfords Shopping Centre too. I wouldnt go any further than Heathridge to be honest, seems to be so many British congregate further north and a lot of new big estates, just rows and rows of same looking new builds. just personally I prefer older suburbs like Hillarys, Duncraig, Padbury etc, pay a bit more but at least you get a well built house (might need some renovation) but much bigger plots and you dont feel like you are just a colourbond panel away from your neighbours, again thats personal choice though. Hillarys has a good primary school, along with South Padbury, not sure about Duncraig, but both these areas feed into Duncraig High. There is a business networking group here called District 32, they have a facebook page, dont know any others. We have used Anglo Pacific in the past both just for boxes of stuff and a full container, have moved back and forward a bit, also interstate, Crown is also good, but pricey, Kents are just as good but a bit more reasonable. Transglobal are good too(told you we have moved a bit!)
  7. Be kinda of a long way to drop them off at Altona since they will be living in WA! Actually dont think they would be very impressed with Daycare since they are 10 and 13!
  8. Well, if they are not willing to pay then obviously their need is not urgent and they would have time to train up an Australian!
  9. Prices have come down a bit but if its that much of a bargain I would find out why first.
  10. It looks like your wifes qualifications would be for working in Daycare, or what Uk calls Nursery. A pre-primary/early years teacher is a qualified teacher over here.
  11. Most of the construction on the O & G is on a 4 week on 1 off rota and the 2 big projects are both almost at completion now, rates have went down, and a lot of hire is ex Perth only, a lot of workers already here and ready to start, so I wouldnt rate the chances as high!
  12. Unless you specifically want a religious school why go private? Kids from Hillarys go to Duncraig High which is one of the better schools around this area
  13. What areas are you looking at?
  14. If both or only one of you are working can also make a big difference to how much you can borrow. For example, if only one is working and you have 2 kids, then 3 are fully dependant on 1 wage. My income was taken into consideration even though I only earned a paltry $7000 for a few hours a week
  15. We have done it twice! Used Crown and Kents. Both as good as each other but Kents much cheaper.