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  1. Weedolly

    Cash from UK

    My mum would like to give me some money - yes! Seriously, she wants to share some money out between her kids, but I am in Australia. Thing is she has been keeping it cash in the house. I still have a bank account in the UK but does not accept cash deposits from third parties. Mum is in her 80's and is worried that if she pays it into her account first they will ask her where it has came from, its just been accumulated over the years but all these new banking laws are getting her a bit nervous. How can she get it to me please
  2. Weedolly

    Newbie on this forum

    Am in Padbury, its an older suburb but I like older places anyway so suits us. Also much bigger blocks, what is happening though is quite a few people are splitting blocks and building 2 houses on one block. Is a good location, along with Duncraig, Hillarys, Kingsley, Greenwood. We have access to the freeway at both ends of the suburb, Heburn Ave and Whitfords Ave, 2 train stations again Heburn and Whitfords, 5 minutes drive or walking distance from some parts of the suburb. Whitfords Shopping Centre, Hillarys Boat Harbour, and only around 20 minutes drive to the city in normal traffic, like everywhere else takes longer in peak times. I moved over here from Melbourne a few years ago, Melbourne was so much cheaper than Perth, at that time now it is the opposite. We rented a huge 4x2 new build in Melbourne for $375, came over here and and 4x2 was $600,now WA is the cheaper. Dont know about orthodontist, but there is a gymnastics club in Wangara,about 15 minutes from here which is good, think there is also one in Balcatta,
  3. Weedolly

    open new account from UK

    Commonwealth is really good. We set up ours from the UK years ago before we came over and transferred funds as we wanted. Their online banking is really good, so easy to use, we have all our accounts with them, easy to transfer between accounts and to our UK bank if we need to. We started off in Melbourne, we let the bank know when we were arriving and they had the cards waiting for us at one of the CBD branches
  4. Weedolly

    Man On The Ground

    There was a few of these Relocation services a few years ago but not heard much about them since. Dont know anyone thats needed that service, its all so easy to do now online. You get so much information as well on forums and Facebook groups.
  5. Weedolly

    No kitchen for 2 weeks.... how to cook?!

    We are doing the same, have spent the last week cooking, Chilli, Bolognaise, Lasagne, Curry etc, you get cheap plastic tubs for a few $$, big pot of soup makes about 10 portions for lunch.I have a rice cooker that cost $13! from Kmart, does a great job, so not too hard to manage for a couple of weeks without a stove top
  6. Weedolly

    Perth employment rate

  7. Weedolly


    I dont think there is an age limit on the employer sponsored visa but it would only be temporary, the age limit for PR is 45
  8. Weedolly

    what to do ?

    Since when did a 14 year old dictate the decisions that affect the whole family. Sorry but he might not like it but at 14 he would still be doing what he was told if he was my child. You have already given in to him once, when does it stop!
  9. Weedolly

    School Question - child with learning disability

    I know a little boy who has apraxia attended West Coast Language Development Centre, was non verbal, now he is in main stream Kindy so they did good work with him.
  10. Weedolly

    School Question - child with learning disability

    Try one of these. I think the programmes go up to Year 3 then am not sure after that. https://www.det.wa.edu.au/schoolsonline/school_list.do
  11. Weedolly

    Arrived from UK last week

    I live in Padbury. Its an older suburb but I really like it. We bought an older place a few years ago and renovating - slowly!! You have arrived at a good time, lots of rentals on the go just now and rent a lot cheaper than it was a few years ago. Hillarys is lovely as well but a bit more expensive because its on the other side of Marmion!
  12. Weedolly

    Kindy advice for a 4 year old near Padbury

    Hi, your son will be able to start Kindy in February after the summer holidays. 4 year old Kindy is normally at the school here. There are 4 primary schools so depending on where about in Padbury you get a Rental. there is Padbury Primary, South Padbury Primary and Bambara, and also the Private Catholic school. At our school kids either go Mon Tues and every 2nd Wed or Thurs, Fri and every 2nd Wed. Check on here for school ratings https://bettereducation.com.au
  13. Even if you could would immigration not query the fact that you were going out and in the country so much on a tourist visa?
  14. Weedolly


    Where did you move from since Perth seems so superficial and uncultured? Maybe that attitude is one of the reasons you cant make friends? Which suburb do you live in? Maybe a move to another suburb could help. We are a FIFO family and manage just fine, yes its not for everyone but you do have to put a bit of effort in as its like being a single parent some of the time. Does family ever come to visit? Do you make sure you do daytrips etc on your partners R&R week? it all helps
  15. Weedolly

    2 Occupations Axed from Lists

    Only 2?