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189 time frame ??


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Hi, well I'm very excited as I have finally arrived at the visa application stage, woohoo!! What I would like to ask people who've already done the 189 visa is about the 60 day time frame. The invitation states that I must submit my application within a 60 day period. Does this mean that I have to submit my application and get the police checks and health checks all done within the 60 days, or just submit my online application / upload certified documents within that time frame?

Many thanks :smile2:

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You must submit your application (about 17 pages of questions) and pay your visa fee within 60 days. Once you've done this there are instructions on next steps and when they have to be completed by. When we did ours, from the date of submitting our application to getting a case officer was about 4/5 weeks; the case officer then gives 28 days to complete all forms, PCC, meds etc or at least prove they were booked/ applied for.


I think BeanDownUnder eeked it out as much as possible and might be able to shed some light on it for you.



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That's great, thank you for putting my mind at rest! I have everything all prepared except for my daughters and husbands passports which still haven't arrived yet, but should be able to get everything uploaded, submitted and paid in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly :) thanks again Lou

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