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Does anyone have information on what to do?

Chris Jones

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Hi, I'm Chris. Im a 25 year old qualified bricklayer from England! I recently I've to Australia on a working holiday visa. I have now been here for 4 months. I am working as a bricklaying sub contractor on a abn. My boss want to sponsor me, but does know the process. Have I more chance on apply for 189 visa or a 457 visa? Also would it be better to go with a agent or do it on my own? Any information would be a huge help!

Hope to hear from someone


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To apply for the 189 visa bricklaying has to be on the SOL, have you checked http://www.immi.gov.au to see if it is on there? if its not then check the csol, if its on the csol then you need an employer or state to sponsor you, check http://www.migration.wa.gov.au to see if its on WA's skills list, for them to sponsor you. If its not on WAs list then you will need an employer sponsored visa and contacting an agent to get advice about which one would be the best thing.

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