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Packing your own container - anyone done this?


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Hi everyone


Ive had a few shipping companies quote me to come and pack our belongings and ship out as a groupage consignment. My brother in law runs a despatch company and has contacts with shippers and I have just been quoted for them shipping door to door in our own 20ft container and the quote is a significant saving. The catch is that we have to pack and load our own goods and do our own inventory. I am happy to do this to some extent, and all of our stuff is pretty much packed anyway as it is in storage at a relatives house.


I just wondered if anyone had experience of doing this themselves and if they recommend it, or whether to steer clear, spend a bit more and let someone else have the hassle??



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I think everyone looks at this at least once. From my understanding, if you pay a company (Crown, Doree Bonner, Anglo Pacific) then when your things get to customs / AQIS in Australia, they will only check the odd high risk items. i.e tools, garden stuff etc etc.


If you pack it your self, they will check everything.


There is a thread on here I did regarding quotes for a 20' container. I will look later if you cant find it. Kind of busy at the moment as Doree Bonner are here wrapping like mad now!

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