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Hi all,


We were planning on activating our visas next March with intention to move later 2015. So we have been arranging removal company quotes as well as contacting pet removal companies over this past month or two. We really didnt intend to move any sooner than August next year... but basically I had an unexpected rare job opportunity turning up and there's a possibility that they will ask me to start in March when we are going over to activate the visa.


I'd be over the moon with the news if it wasn't for the fact that my cat still doesn't have its rabies test! I have booked a vet appointment for tomorrow but i know we are beyond the 6 months window for the test!


This is all so unexpected and I'm panicking now! Possible job, possible early move, possible selling the house sooner than planned and I feel I negleted my beloved cat! I know I should have sorted her vaccination earlier, but up to last week our moving plans were still between late next year and 2 to 3 years ahead... so we felt like we had loads of time!


What are our options? Leave her in a catery until she reaches 6 months and then ship her? Or is it best to leave her for longer in quarantine in Oz? I know this won't come cheap.... but I just want the best for her.


I would love to hear what your experience is with this.


Many thanks all.


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Do you not have any family that the cat could stay with and then they ship her out


Not nearby... my husband's parents and brother live about an hour from where we live. I don't think it would be a problem arranging from them to ship her.... but it's all the last minute tests that needs to be done (4 days before, etc)... they are not available all the time... It would be an interesting conversation, but hopefully they would do this for us.

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Hey MrsW

Option 1 - your cat can stay with your rellies, all they need to do is to take her to the vets once and then Petair could then do all the final (complicated) bits within 4 days of the flight. We can collect the day before the flight, do the final vet checks and then fly your cat over. We can make it pretty easy. That is basically the Gold service - sometimes it is not the cheapest way of exporting your little ones, but it can be the easiest.

Option 2 - your cat can stay at a local cattery and then vet work as above - the cattery goes to the local vets once and then we do the rest.

Option 3 - we can look after your cat and then do all the bits and fly her over.


Please dont be worried, there is a plan which cna be made to work - just tell us what you would prefer and we can put it into place.

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The cattery space is around 2 metres wide and 4 metres deep very approx. Cost wise it would be £9 per day.

Look - honestly - if she stays with one of your relatives, all they have to do is to take her to the vets once, we can then collect her and do all the rest. She will prefer it and it will save you a fortune in cattery fees. Our cattery or another cattery can be back up plan which is always good to have. But dont fret about your relative having to do lots of vet work - we can make it really simple. We work with situations like this the whole time.

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