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    Wanneroo ???

    Google street view is a great starting point... and before we moved, we thought we 'knew' every single suburb we would like based on our street view trips! However, driving around each suburb made a huge difference for us. Places we thought we'd like, we didn't, others we not even thought about we really liked... and it's not even based on 'good' or 'bad' suburb... it was all about what felt right for us. Try to rent a short term place for a couple of weeks, then drive around and explore this places you think you'll like
  2. Mrs&MrW

    goodbye uk ...hello perth

    Good luck, it'll be great!
  3. Mrs&MrW

    Hi I'm Rich

    We'll to PP Rich... this is a great place to get good info and share your feelings... Good luck with your visa
  4. Mrs&MrW

    Australian driving test

    Thank you so much for your replies... so, sorry if my question is repetitive,but those total of 50h supervised lessons... do they have to be with an official instructor or can it be anyone? Just thinking on this logbook and how do you record these hours officially?
  5. Mrs&MrW

    Australian driving test

    Thanks for all the replies.... it's really helpful! So the 25h driving over 6 months is regardless if you can drive or not? Cheers
  6. Mrs&MrW

    It's all starting to happen

    Welcome to P P and good luck with your test... hope it all goes well
  7. Mrs&MrW

    Is it worth it

    Good luck Jimmy... talk about it with your wife... try to do your research... ask this forum as many questions you want... but most of all... do what feels right... as long as you are there for each other, you can make it work. It might not be easy... but that's life... and life is too short for regrets. Best of luck to you and your family
  8. Mrs&MrW

    Australian driving test

    Hi there everyone, We are moving to Perth in two weeks time and I was wondering if anyone has taken a driving test over in Perth and how is it like? Is it harder than the UK? What sort of manuvers they request, etc? I've always used public transport here in the UK but I'd like to be able to drive in Australia if I have to.... and considering the size of the country I know I will Thanks in advance for your help Mrs W
  9. So sorry for your loss... only who ever lost a beloved pet can understand how much it hurts... what I think is if you gave them all the love and care they needed when they were here... that's all that you needed to do... they are special angels that will always be there for us! Hope you are ok xx
  10. Mrs&MrW

    Arrivals 2015 and Get togethers

    Hi all, We (me & hubby @marcozambini) move on late March... We are counting the days and it would be great to meet you all some day. Good luck to all 2015 arrivals!
  11. Mrs&MrW

    That's our house now up for sale!

    Good luck! We just been through the same... hope it all goes well xx
  12. Great post! We are moving late March... I personally can't wait to feel the sun on my face... have some quality time with my OH outdoors without being cold or in the rain... most of all, enjoy life!
  13. Hope things go well or at least you have some guidance. Let us know how it goes!
  14. Mrs&MrW

    I "might" have some work.

    Good luck! Every opportunity counts!