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Panel Beater Vetassess Interview


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New to the forum and looking for some help!

Having successfully completed stage 1 in our migration visa process (Panel Beater), a date has been provided in London for my technical interview. I would be very grateful if anyone could provide me with any specific information regarding this and what I can expect to be asked relating to this profession or anything about the interview process itself.

 Apologies if this question has been asked before but tried to search without any luck.

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Hi, I can only give you my experience of Vetassess from 2010 when I applied as a car mechanic and this may be different from their processes now.

When I applied, my vetassess was a practical and interview in one. Before the economic downturn here, Perth,  Vetassess assessors traveled to the UK and  worked from the Technical college in Accrington, Lancashire, this was a long old way for me from the south coast so I stayed over night. At this time there were many examiners for different trades, however on the day I picked I was the only candidate for MV, they did try and move me but I had already booked time off and accommodation etc. My practical was pretty straight forward but based very much on what you would learn as a 1st or 2nd year apprentice. The guy chatted to me as we went around the work stations and at the end we sat down and he asked me trade related questions making notes as he went. It was a full 8 hour day and he didnt give anything away as to whether I had passed or not, that came via email. This process also gave me an Australian qualification, a Cert 3 on MV mechanics which was what I needed to hit the ground running without needing to do any courses once I had landed. My thoughts on this process was, if you are experienced and know your job then you will ace it, but there were a number of things we did that were typical college, by this I mean you learn it at college but never use it in practical application.

Can I just ask, have a you got a job to go to? The job market is starting to pick up so we are told but I'm not seeing it. The only jobs I see are for large companies and chain groups who dont appear to look after their staff very well and have a high turn over.


regards, jase

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