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27 year old male looking for some friends!

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Hello Perth!

I've recently moved here from the UK, looking to meet some nice people and hopefully make some friends!

I'm into hiking, playing and watching soccer, board games, video games, playing pool and most of all... drinking beer!

Open to trying new things so if the above isn't your cup of tea, I'd be keen to try something new and exit my comfort zone 🙂

Currently based in Dalkeith but happy to travel around to meet people. 

Hopefully hear from you soon!

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Hey Sam

Did you get any responses via PM?

My fiance and I (both 30, no kids) are are moving to Perth on the 29th and would be happy to meet you for a booze up at some point.

We're SOR in Coogee but I'm sure we could find a middle ground. 


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