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  1. Hey Sam Did you get any responses via PM? My fiance and I (both 30, no kids) are are moving to Perth on the 29th and would be happy to meet you for a booze up at some point. We're SOR in Coogee but I'm sure we could find a middle ground. Lisa
  2. lbooth2288

    Obtain a UK Pension (Final Salary) Transfer Value

    Hi Andrew Would be interested to hear about the option to transfer to an international SIPP - when will you be posting? Partner and I are both in 30s so had assumed nothing could be done at this point. Cheers Lisa
  3. lbooth2288

    Advice on what to ship?

    We've just sent our stuff over via SevenSeas move cube service so did all the packing and manifest ourselves and they just pack it in the cube and send it off. Definitely agree with the cleaning comments - we scrubbed my partners bike wheels with Jayes fluid and a toothbrush to try and make sure there was nothing there. fingers crossed it gets let in! We sent our washing machine over too but ditched the dryer and other white goods (they were built ins so went with the house sale). Sent my vaccuum over too but I'm not hopeful of actually getting that back even though I took it apart and cleaned every inch (took a good 3 hours). depends how much time you want to commit to really. For the manifest, the example sheet they gave us was pretty basic e.g. Item 1 - Brown Box - Books, Item 2 - Bedside Table - wooden etc. I would advise keeping anything they might check to one side and putting all together in one box to make things easier.
  4. lbooth2288

    18 months in and things going well

    Hi @Jen78 Love, love, love your post! thank you for taking the time to write this. My partner and I are coming over end of October and I had a really bad day yesterday and was second guessing it all but you've just help me shake it off and get my head back in the right place :) Can I ask what your hubby does? And whether you used any specific recruiters etc to get him the role? My fiancee is a chemical engineer so a role in mining is a definite possibility for him. Congrats on the house! you should definitely post some pics on here and make us all uber jealous ;) hope everything goes well with the move. Are you staying in the Willetton area or moving elsewhere? We are looking at SOR suburbs too - would you suggest Willetton as a good area? All the best Lisa x