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Brexit, Brexit, Brexit


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Hi everyone - I am here in the UK being bombarded by the Brexit debacle every time I turn on the tv or radio. Having returned here after a few temporary

years in WA where I am afraid to say sneered at the seeming lack of professionalism of Australian politicians, I am beginning to look back at them with rose tinted 

spectacles. Would be interested to hear some of your thoughts on Brexit. Do you think Britain should take back sovereignty, cut the free movement between 

other EU countries or stay within the EU? What do you think will happen - there may well be a rush for the door and you see far more Brits looking for a New Life Down Under!

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Take a look at the sister site to this, Poms in Oz. There is a huge thread on Brexit there, under the chewing the fat topic heading. It makes very interesting reading. My head feels like exploding when I hear the daily updates on Brexit so I can’t imagine how it is back in the UK now!


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Thanks Cleowag I will do that.

So I imagine you are happy to have left it all to us for the more laid back life of WA? It has caused so much tension here and is almost the 'elephant in the room' topic when meeting up with people as most have very strong Brexit views, it has definitely soured many relationships including within the family! One thing it has done for definite is got more people thinking about politics but I am afraid we are a very divided Britain. Of course there was nothing as heated as this when we came out to WA in 2006 acting on a delayed dream. My sister and brother-in-law have been there for 35 years and were living in Bunbury so lots of lovely visiting holidays.We retired and built a house in Dalyellup but then after four years of back and forth to the UK sold up. Probably the wrong time of life as too connected to family back here and didn't make enough of a commitment. You know the thing about the dream and the reality! Imagination is a great motivator but I was missing things that don't even register when I am living here in the UK - like being Welsh, not that I even live in Wales and haven't a nationalist bone in my body, apart from on rugby match days and St David's day! I always find it interesting on the forum when people are asking to meet up with other Welsh, Scottish or Irish nationals, again that familiarity I guess.

Anyway off to look at these 'Brexit from afar' discussions on Poms in Oz.

Thanks again


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Well it’s definitely more laid back for sure. Sounds like you had a great time whilst you were here and at least you won’t regret not trying. I think the older you are when you make the move, the harder it is to ever leave your UK connections behind. We were early 40’s when we moved over and we do find that aspect hard.....but for now, very happy to be here as the UK does seem to be a little bit unsettled. Enjoy reading the other thread, it may take some time!


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