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  1. underwear :-)

    Marks and Spencer's deliver over here. They are quick too, normally around 8 days from ordering. Think they charge $5 for delivery.
  2. Off season junior cricket

    Hi. Not sure how old your son is but look at the T20/ Milo into cricket programme. They are run by the WACA and do them all over. There's plenty SOR. Not sure if there will be anything at that time of year but their website is pretty up to date with info.
  3. Hi __ 3 Year Plan, Reccie in August 2017

    Hi Wilkcar. I've sent you a private message re visa for adopted children. Hope it helps. Sorry Wilkcar, your profile isn't set up to receive private messages so it won't send!
  4. primary teachers

    Hi Ktg. It's not easy. Hubby is a primary teacher, we've been here just over a year. He has just got a job for the new school year after doing a year of relief work. He's applied for numerous since we got here with no luck. We have managed as he got relief work every day practically and it's a lot better paid than the UK. It seems if you can get an in at a school doing relief on a regular basis, that may be how you eventually secure a full time position. PM me if you'd like further info, would be happy to help as it's been tough for us but we got there eventually. We are in Mandurah so not near you. In the meantime, safe journey and enjoy this lovely weather when you arrive!
  5. Halls Head/Erskine

    Hi, our son is at South Halls Head. It's a very good school, I'd say it's akin to a school with high performing OFSTED results in the UK. The expectations are quite high but the pastoral care and support seems very good. Private high schools, look at Frederick Irwins and Mandurah Catholic college. As for the area itself, it's a fairly busy area ( although can seem quiet depending where you come from in the UK!) it seems to be growing and as Very Stormy says, there's lots of new developments and shops popping up. It feels a safe area and there's lots of parks and open spaces for kids. Hope this helps!
  6. Eating out....Food quality?

    Hi Jase and Anne. If you venture down to Mandurah again, try Grill'd, Silk Thai, Salt or for kid friendly option, open all day- Oceanic at Dolphin Quay. Eating out is our hobby too and we've been sampling a lot since we arrived! I can guess where you went in Mandurah, I wasn't impressed with that either but luckily there are some far nicer places. Happy eating!
  7. Ugg boots ...... men???

    Hmmm, not sure... But yesterday I saw a guy shopping with his family at Woolies in Falcon, in bare feet! Now I get ( although don't understand) that bare feet seem popular here, however it was freezing yesterday! Maybe the Ugg boot guys have got the right idea...��
  8. Perth Nightmare!!!

    Hi, I will send you a pm!
  9. Moving to oz

    Hi. School is easy enough. Once you sign for a rental, the school for that catchment are obliged to take your children, regardless of whether they are full or not. Catchment areas are quite big so bear this in mind if you need to walk to school. Make sure you have the kids red books handy, the school will need a copy of these at enrolment for their immunisation register. Good luck!
  10. Just Starting

    Have you checked the skilled occupation lists first? May be worth doing this first for peace of mind. By mindful of what agents tell you if they are not MARA registered. We had one provide us with incorrect info at the early stages, luckily we had not parted with any money and had the good sense to double check what they told us. I think due to your ages, your wife would be the main applicant. I'd check the SOL and CSOL to make sure her occupation is on it. Good luck with it all.
  11. It is going to be crazy hectic

    Congratulations, that's great news. Sounds like a busy time. Your realistic advice and knowledge on here will be greatly missed VS, could you still contribute from the UK ?! Your new accommodation sounds lovely and glad you've got a good pub near, that's one thing we miss here!
  12. Just Starting

    Hi David.We arrived in Sept last year on a PR visa. Don't worry about your age, we're not much younger and have found quite a few making the move at this age. I would suggest £12,000 minimum to bring to get you started. Also, if your wife is going to be the applicant, I'd get things moving quick due to 45 being the general cut off age for points ( it can take a long time). We got initial advice off a migration agent but then did the visa process ourselves, which was straightforward. Lots of people use agents though and wouldn't do it without one, so it's personal opinion. There is lots of helpful information on here, it really helped us with the process and has also helped us make some lovely friends since we arrived. Good luck!
  13. Aussie Appliances for sale

    Hi, whereabouts are you based please and what price for the blender? You can PM if you prefer. Thanks!
  14. Putting a child back a School year!!

    Hi, would he definitely be in year one here? Have you checked with his birthday and school intake dates, as he may be in pre primary? My son did a year in reception in the UK but then started in pre primary here in October, so it worked out well for him. If not, you could see if they have split classes at the school as there are mixed year groups at my son's school. Good luck!