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  1. Cleowag

    Melbourne to Perth

    Definitely possible but it depends how far out of Perth you want to be. South of the River is generally cheaper. Anything from Rockingham down to Dawesville would probably cover this price range. Some suburbs in this corridor are Waikiki, Safety Bay, Golden Bay, Singleton and most of Mandurah. I’m not as familiar with the northern suburbs but hopefully someone else can help with this. Good luck with your decision.
  2. Cleowag

    Kids’s climbing shoes

    I’ve got a pair of kid’s climbing shoes ( size Euro 35-36)that my son has outgrown. They are used for an indoor climbing wall and are the make ‘Boreal’ . PM me if anyone is interested, they are in good condition. Thanks!
  3. Cleowag

    Brexit, Brexit, Brexit

    Well it’s definitely more laid back for sure. Sounds like you had a great time whilst you were here and at least you won’t regret not trying. I think the older you are when you make the move, the harder it is to ever leave your UK connections behind. We were early 40’s when we moved over and we do find that aspect hard.....but for now, very happy to be here as the UK does seem to be a little bit unsettled. Enjoy reading the other thread, it may take some time!
  4. Cleowag

    Brexit, Brexit, Brexit

    Take a look at the sister site to this, Poms in Oz. There is a huge thread on Brexit there, under the chewing the fat topic heading. It makes very interesting reading. My head feels like exploding when I hear the daily updates on Brexit so I can’t imagine how it is back in the UK now!
  5. Cleowag

    Police certificate for job

    Yes, I think it’s a National Police Clearance Certificate, I had to get one for my job and I’m not a citizen yet. It’s easy to get and comes through quickly.
  6. Cleowag

    When to move with 7 year old

    Hi, We came in Sept a few years ago with a five year old. He’d had the six week school holidays in the uk but then due to us having to find a rental and then school holidays falling here in Sept, he missed about 12 weeks school by then and we were all climbing the walls! So bear in mind that when you come, you’ll have to take into account when the next school hols fall here as you can’t enrol at a school until you have a permanent address. The summer break here is probably a good time as then your daughter would be starting a new school year with the rest of them. In terms of finding a school, if you live in the catchment, you are guaranteed a place. There is a website but I can’t quite remember the name, if I can find it I’ll let you know. I think Rossmoyne who is a moderator on this site is very knowledgeable in the education area so hopefully she may offer some advice. If you look at NAPLAN results for the schools here, it’s an indication of how they fare academically in year 3 and 5 but it’s not like Ofsted in terms of the overall indication of the school. Hope this helps!
  7. Cleowag


    Hi Cazza, We’ve been in Mandurah for three years. Yes there are social problems but we lived in Manchester before and the problems seem a lot less here in our opinion. It’s true that it’s a bit far from Perth and there is still a small town mentality at times but it’s a beautiful place, it’s on the up and has all the amenities you would need. It’s also very affordable and easy to get somewhere within walking distance to the beach. Our son is in an excellent primary school in Halls Head. We had three weeks in a holiday rental when we landed and that was just enough time, there are lots of long term rentals available at the moment so you should hopefully get one quick. Good luck and let me know if you need any further.
  8. Cleowag

    Hi! Any primary school teachers?

    Hi Sarah, my hubby is a primary school teacher and we have been in Perth for three years. It’s hard to get a permanent teaching job and permanent contracts are rare. It is however at the moment easy to get relief teaching work and it is well paid. There is an oversupply of primary teachers. PM me if you want further info.
  9. Cleowag

    Commutable Suburbs

    Hi Lucy. I’ve sent you a private message re this. I’d agree though that you really need to look around when you arrive as you have to get a feel for places?.
  10. Cleowag

    Early 50s couple looking to make City friends

    Hi, sorry you’ve not had any replies yet. A friend of mine uses the website Meetup.com and she has met a lot of people through this. Good luck with the move, I’m sure you’ll love it being in the City Centre.
  11. Cleowag

    underwear :-)

    Marks and Spencer's deliver over here. They are quick too, normally around 8 days from ordering. Think they charge $5 for delivery.
  12. Cleowag

    Off season junior cricket

    Hi. Not sure how old your son is but look at the T20/ Milo into cricket programme. They are run by the WACA and do them all over. There's plenty SOR. Not sure if there will be anything at that time of year but their website is pretty up to date with info.
  13. Cleowag

    Hi __ 3 Year Plan, Reccie in August 2017

    Hi Wilkcar. I've sent you a private message re visa for adopted children. Hope it helps. Sorry Wilkcar, your profile isn't set up to receive private messages so it won't send!
  14. Cleowag

    primary teachers

    Hi Ktg. It's not easy. Hubby is a primary teacher, we've been here just over a year. He has just got a job for the new school year after doing a year of relief work. He's applied for numerous since we got here with no luck. We have managed as he got relief work every day practically and it's a lot better paid than the UK. It seems if you can get an in at a school doing relief on a regular basis, that may be how you eventually secure a full time position. PM me if you'd like further info, would be happy to help as it's been tough for us but we got there eventually. We are in Mandurah so not near you. In the meantime, safe journey and enjoy this lovely weather when you arrive!
  15. Cleowag

    Halls Head/Erskine

    Hi, our son is at South Halls Head. It's a very good school, I'd say it's akin to a school with high performing OFSTED results in the UK. The expectations are quite high but the pastoral care and support seems very good. Private high schools, look at Frederick Irwins and Mandurah Catholic college. As for the area itself, it's a fairly busy area ( although can seem quiet depending where you come from in the UK!) it seems to be growing and as Very Stormy says, there's lots of new developments and shops popping up. It feels a safe area and there's lots of parks and open spaces for kids. Hope this helps!